Introduction about Latvia

Latvia is one of the major States, located in Northern Europe with a total land area of 64,589 square kilometers. The beautiful country is surrounded by Estonia and Lithuania in the north and south respectively. Towards the east and west, the country is bordered by Russia and maritime borders along Sweden respectively. With 118 administrative divisions Latvia experiences the behaviour of being a Unitary State which is further subdivided into 109 municipalities and 9 cities. Riga is the capital city in which the ethnic groups of Livs dominate the total population.

Euro is declared as the official currency of the country while the calling code is +371. At the global level the country ranks 46th out of 188 countries in terms of H D I while in terms of Environmental Performance Index this nation is ranked 1st among all other major countries as per the census conducted in the year 2012.


With a male to female ratio of 0.85 males / female, the total population of Latvia as per the census conducted in 2011 is estimated at around 2,070,371 which as per the estimations have declined to about 1,973,700. The average life expectancy rate as reported in 2013 was 73.20 years. Latvians dominate the population with total residents belonging to this ethnic group at approx. 63% of the total residents followed by Russians with 27%. The Government puts on a lot of funds in the health sector particularly to improve the declining fertility rate and other important health issues / concerns.

Most meal dishes include meat and particularly agricultural products served as regular cuisines. Ice Hockey is mostly played by the sports persons and also by the residents residing over here followed by basketball, football, volleyball which is popular as well.

Latvian being the sole language in the country, there are other regional languages as well including Russian, German, English etc. A Constitutional Referendum was passed in the year 2012 to adopt Russian as the second official language of Latvia in which the voter turnout was 72% of which 75% voted against the motion and the rest in favour of that. Christianity is the most popular religion followed by around 78% of the total residents residing over here. The country is a proud member of the United Nations and European Union and has the highest GDP growth rate in the Europe. As the country adapts itself to the crisis period it soon started to be called the New Argentina.

The experience of temperate climate by Latvia is seen in most of the months and the average temperature ranges from 19 degree Celsius to -6 degree Celsius in summers and winters respectively. Humid continental climate prevails in the entire nation while summers are usually warm and sunny. The Unicameral Parliament of Latvia consists of 100 seats who are elected every four years through elections on a regular basis. The country also shares diplomatic relations with 158 countries with 37 foreign embassies and 11 International Organizations with 44 diplomatic missions.



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