Which is the best lady bar in Nana Plaza to go?

Thailand is one of the best Tourist Country to enjoy and have fun with the girls. As all know, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Most of the countries people arrive to Bangkok of their first-day tour as Bangkok airport connects to all major cities of the world by flights. When people visit Bangkok then they surely don’t miss to visit Nana Plaza as it is the biggest adult playground of the World.

Now, I am just going to give you information about each bar’s inside the Nana Plaza here so that you go to the best lady bars and enjoy your full night happily and satisfactorily.

I visited each lady bar in Nana Plaza and experimented very well and giving this information so, keep trust on me. Below is the list of best lady bars in Nana Plaza:-

Twister: Twister is a medium sized lady bar in Nana Plaza. Ladies inside this bar are very beautiful. Here, they charge one small size bottle of beer is about 185 baht and same 185 baht price for the lady drink. This bar plays a good music in medium sound which is pleasant to hear. Staffs behaviors are just ok that means not very good or not very bad. In this bar have many small girls which look very beautiful and make you attract to take them but I suggest never take small girls here especially, as they are reserved kind of girls who just drink a lady drink that you buy for them and move away soon from you.  So always take here girls who are aged more than 22 years as they will be having experience in their fields and can give you a really good company. And, I know you have a question in your mind that how to find the age of girls now? It’s simple just by looking at their body figure and face you can recognize it easily.

Billboard: Billboard is a big sized lady bar in Nana Plaza. Ladies inside are not very much pretty but ok type girls you can find here. But, a specialty of this Billboard bar is that it has girls who are not wearing bras, play inside a bath tub with soap foam. One small size bottle beer cost here is 190 Baht and lady drink cost same 190 baht only. Staffs here are friendly. But, I didn’t like this bar as it does not have many pretty girls. This Bar I suggest only for them, who want to experience first time the girls playing in the foam without bras then they should visit this bar. Experienced hunks just stay away from this bar.

Enter: Enter is a small sized lady bar in Nana Plaza. Ladies inside here are not more but are beautiful. The small size beer bottle cost here is 170 baht and same the price of the lady drink too. Staffs here are very friendly. As this is a small lady bar the girls inside bar give you very good company as they do not get many customers for them. People who want to enjoy good company with girls should visit this bar.

Angelwitch: Angelwitch is medium sized lady bar in Nana Plaza. Here, ladyboys ( shemales )  are more than ladies but ladyboys are awesome here, they look more beautiful than ladies. And here ladies do horny shows on stage. The small size beer cost here is 200 baht and a lady drink too cost same 200 baht. I suggest this bar only for those, who love stage shows and who want to take shemales.

Bunnies Bangkok: Bunnies Bangkok lady bar is situated on the ground floor in the Nana Plaza Complex. It is a big sized lady bar in Nana Plaza. There are lots of girls here, some of them are beautiful and some of them are ok type girls. Girls give here very good company but staffs are useless. One small beer cost here is 200 baht and a lady drink cost same as well. The music here is good and the main advantage of this bar is its ground floor as it provides you little bit of safety rather than compared to 1st floor and 2nd floor bars but don’t bother here all bars are safe unless you argue and fight with them.

Finally, I suggest  Billboard and Angelwitch bars are best for its special things but the best I choose for you in all are Bunnies Bangkok, Twister and Enter, are really good lady bars if you really want to enjoy with girls