james bond island, Phuket

James Bond Island In Phuket

James Bond Island in Phuket is a major landmark on Phang Nga Bay providing the most spectacular scenes of Thailand. It is slim at the bottom and huge on its upper part. The beach has two sandy beaches and a few caves which get flooded regularly and visitors can visit the island in low tide.

It was first known widely for its tourist attractions after the starring role in the James Bond movie that was known as “The man with the Golden Gun.” Before James Bond visited this island it was known as the Ko Tapu whose meaning is Nail Island. This Island has signature rocky pinnacle which has been a major attraction site for the tourists. The island is under the national park’s protection where no boats are allowed to go near this island due to its positioning. There are only two ways that one can view the island best.  One is from a boat and the other is when a tourist is on the small beach of Koh Ping Ghan.


This James Bond Island is good for kayaking and sailing. Most of the tourists who visit this island also stop for some delicious sea food and Thai delicacies at the floating village of Koh Panyee.  Koh Panyee is a gem, very charming and there is a lot of fishing that takes place. In order to have more fun in this island, it is always better to hire a long tail boat that that takes up three to four hours and can carry up to ten people from Pier. In this island you will find many vendors .Waters around this island are a few meters deep and are pale green in colour.

Ko Ta Pu is twenty metres tall limestone rock. There is a legend that explains how Ko Ta Pu came into being. He states that there was a fisherman who used to catch a lot of fish whenever he went out for fishing in the sea. There was a day that he went out for fishing but did not catch any fish. The fisherman only caught a nail with his net. He would throw the nail and whenever he threw it back to the sea he would catch it again. He became furious and he took a sword and cut the nail into two halves with all his strength and the impact was so big that the nail jumped into the sea hence forming Ko Ta Pu.

There is still a scientific version of how the Ko Ta Pucame into being. This version states that the area was a barrier reef and there were tectonic movements that ruptured and its parts were scattered in the area and it was flooded by the ocean that was rising. The wind, water current, waves and tides slowly eroded hence the island was formed and sometimes peculiar shapes are produced such as the Ko Ta Pu.

James Bond Island is a very attractive tourist site that every person should strive to visit.

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