Introduction to Paraguay

Paraguay River divides the Paraguay into two states, Occidental, or Chaco, to the west and Oriental to the east.  Almost 97% of its population holds 40% of the Paraguayan. Its geography is covered with mountains and grasslands, as well as jungles and rich extensions of land. Amambay River shares borders with Paraguay’s which separate it from Brazil.

Paraguay is also known as the Glory of South America and also the Garden of the World. It lies in the heart of South America. Its neighbouring countries are Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina


Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay. More than 15% of the population of Paraguay lives in its capital. This city also contains the Presidential Palace, the houses of Parliament, the Church and many theaters and buildings which endure from the majestic era. The total area of Paraguay is 406,752 square km. Total Population is approx.  6,639,123.

People with different religions Japanese, Italian, Arabs, Chinese, Spanish and Germans, lives here as migrants

Official languages of Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani.  German, Guana and Plautdietsch are also spoken by many other peoples living there. English is its business language. The currency of Paraguay is Guarani. The official religion of Paraguay is Roman Catholic. Its climate is Subtropical. Spring season continues from September to December, summer season starts from January to March, autumn continues from April to June and winter carry on from July to September. During winters season whether may hot or cold.

Paraguay is rich with natural fruits like banana, mango, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry and much more. Paraguay is very enthusiastic in the Farming and agriculture industry, as well as in exporting. Products mostly exported are wheat, flowers, mate tea, soybeans, corn and cotton etc. This country is also known as the 4th biggest exporter in the world and also 9th biggest exporter of cow meat


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