Introduction about Vietnam

Officially, the country, Vietnam is known as the ‘Socialist Republic of Vietnam, SRV. The fascinating republic is located in the South-Eastern part of Asia and is bordered by Cambodia and Laos to the west, bounded by China to the north and by oceans on the western and southern regions. By size, the country is almost as large as New Mexico, covering an area of 329, 560km2 and shaped like an elongated or narrow letter ‘S’.

Characterized by a hot tropical climate in the south and a monsoon climate in the north, Vietnam’s hot, rainy season starts from May and ends in September whereas the warm, dry season spans from October to March.


Real life was not as paradisiacal as the nation’s early history like its modern day history is characterized by a nearly endless struggle for autonomy. Firstly, for almost a whole millennium, Vietnam was dominated by the Chinese until the 9th century when it was thrown off.  In the 19th century, the country witnessed external control imposed once again on them by France. This rule by France lasted till WW11 when Japan conquered the country.  After the war, the principally Communist Viet Minh, that took place the movement of resistance opposite to Japanese, declared the country’s independence. This was followed by The French Indochina War until France conceded defeat in 1954, and the Geneva treaty left Vietnam divided into a Communist north and an anti-Communist south. As at then, the U.S. had substituted the French as the primary sponsor of the anti-Communist government. In fact, Vietnam has witnessed a lot of western dominations.

By population, Vietnam has well over 85 million people. Although the rural areas have been key players in the country’s psyche and social order, a greater number of the population now live in the major cities so as to be gainfully employed. The diverse wars the country has fought have had their toll on her. One of the direct consequences of the wars is that there are fewer aged men in the country.  Notwithstanding this statistics, the government of this Asian nation is still having a habit of older men that are comprised. It’s compulsory for the citizens of Vietnam to render two years of military service. Quite impressively, over 90% of the population can read and write, hence her literacy level is very high. Sadly, however, the country of Vietnam is still very poor and unhealthy.

Vietnamese is the primary language; a tonal language, is very easy to read but very difficult to Communicate. Good enough, English is gaining momentum.  Other spoken languages in the country include, French in the North, Khmer and other related languages in some areas. There are 65 tribes in the country and these tribes speak their own languages, Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian.

Vietnam is not only a country of war; a little more research can change that erroneous perception.


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