Introduction about Botswana

Botswana is a sub-Saharan country located in South Africa. It was formerly known as the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland. Botswana’s capital is Gaborone. It became an independent country on September 30, 1966. 70% of it’s territory includes Kalahari Desert. Botswana is a member of the African Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Development Community of South Africa and also the United Nations.

Having a size of 581,730 km2, Botswana is considered as the world’s 48th largest country. It’s almost the same size as to Madagascar and France. There are certainly lots of places to visit in Botswana that are definitely attractive and mesmerizing like the Chobe National Park; probably known as the best wildlife parks in the world, Sedudu Island also known as Kasikili Island, Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Tswapong Hills, Tsodilo and Botswana National Museum.


Politics and Currency:

Botswana’s government type is Parliamentary republic wherein their President is both the head of the state as well as the head of the government. Botswana’s constitution is divided into 9 chapters which cover areas including individual right to the delegation of executive powers which have different election process as well as election cycle.

Their currency is called Botswana Pula. It was introduced in 1976 replacing the South African ran and par. Botswana Pula is actually one of the most powerful currencies in Africa. As of now, the conversion of Botswanan Pula to US Dollar is 1BWP = 0.093USD.

Population and Climate:

cc. Botswana’s national language is Setswana and it’s spoken by 78.2% of it’s population with minor differences in dialect from different regions. Aside from Setswana, English is also one of their major language which is being used particularly in urban areas. Other languages includes Kalanga and Sekgalagadi.


Botswana oftens experience dry season from April to October in the south and to November int he north. Batswana’s do experience cold winds as well during winter which normally takes place in early May to late August. Hot weather seems to be a normal thing during summer though. Botswana tends to be windy and dusty during the dry season.


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