Introduction about Bahrain

Bahrain is officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a small Arab kingdom situated at the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is made up of an islands’ group and lies in between the Qatar peninsula and Saudi Arabia’s northeastern coast.

Bahrain has more than 30 islands lying in the Persian Gulf and has been a major center for trade routes since old times. The capital city Manama has the famous Bahrain National Museum that proudly presents artifacts of the ancient Dilmun civilization. The famous Bab al-Bahrain bazaar has everything to offer from colourful hand woven fabrics to pearls.


The last census count was in 2010 and the population stood at 1,234,567 then, including 666,172 non-nationals. The 2016 estimate of the population of Bahrain is 1,378,000.

It is just 780 km2 in size. It’s is the third smallest country in Asia with only Maldives and Singapore being smaller.

The official language of Bahrain is Arabic. Bahrain is an Islamic country.

The official currency of the country is Bahraini Dinar (BHD). 1 BHD is currently equal to 177.08 INR.

Bahrain has a dry climate. Bahrain has mainly two seasons. The summer is extremely hot and starts from April and lasts till October. The winters are mild and last from November to March. Humidity often goes above 90% in winters that lead to little precipitation. There are no permanent rivers or streams existing in Bahrain.


Bahrain is run by the Al-Khalifa Empire and is headed by the current King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. King Hamad has all the authorities like deciding the Prime Minister and other ministers. The current Prime Minister is Shaikh Khalīfa bin Salman Al Khalifa who is also the uncle of the king and has been in this position from 1971. He is the longest ever serving prime minister of a country in the world.