Introduction about Argentina

Argentina is located in South America, bordering with the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile are its neighbouring countries. Argentina’s central area is located between the west range of Andes Mountain and in the east of Atlantic Ocean. Due to its different geographical region, its climate changes from hot or humid in north to frozen areas in the south.

The government system of Argentina is democratic; the president is the head of government and chief of the government. Argentina has a diverse economic system which includes a range of private freedom, united with central economic development and government rules. Argentina is an affiliate with the Common Market of the South.


In 1816 Argentina got freedom from Spain. The plan of present agriculture methods and the incorporation of Argentina into the world economy, as well as foreign shares and migration, lead to a monetary revolt in the country, in the 19th century. Now Argentina is in one of the world’s ten richest countries.

Argentina Peso (ARS) is the national currency. The Republic of Argentina is its official name, which is a national republic based on a judicial republic.

Official Language of Argentine is Spanish but many people also speak and understand English, German, French and Italian. English and Spanish is mostly used in business world.

Total population is 43,416,755, from which 91.8% is urban population. Its population increases 1.0%. The Literacy rate in Argentina is 97.2%. Total area covers 2780400-kilometer Sq. People with different religions located here, Roman Catholic community is about 89.9%, Jewish 1.9%, protestant 2.1% and remaining with 6.1%. From the accounting, it is ranked on the fifth number in world’s largest population.

After the economic crisis of 1998-2002, this country has to face with extended and high reestablishment. Now this country is richer with unlimited natural wealth and an agricultural industry concerned with towards export.



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