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Info for Traveller’s : Pune Redlight Area

The moment we hear about any of the redlight areas, the only picture comes into our mind is of sex workers, however, most of us are not even aware of the background stories and details of what happens in that particular area. How is the life of those people? Pune Redlight area is the second largest market of prostitution in India, that includes more than 440 Brothels with the accommodation of 5000 + prostitutes. The area is famous for the electronic market, books market, sweet shops, jewellery outlets, clothing stores and the most important of all, the Ganpati Temple of the area. In addition to which, Pune Redlight area covers all other specialities of the particular area and make other things lifeless.

The reality of Pune Redlight area is completely different from what we see on screen, in Bollywood movies. Though the life of the sex workers there is not good, however, you will hardly find any prostitute making gestures towards you to invite, which is very prominent in the bollywood movies. You can get good looking girls, wearing heavy makeup with their bodies exposed to attract the viewers. You can also find transgenders roaming around and attracting the prospective clients, in fact, they look more attractive than the beautiful girls.


Charges for having sex with the prostitute may vary from ₹300 to ₹5,000 in  Pune Redlight Area, however, it completely depends on what do you want and expect from the whore, also how much pleasure she can offer you. They take the money before offering their services. You may also get a sex worker for ₹150 or ₹200, but you will not get any expected services from that prostitute and there are more chances of you being robbed of your cash, card, wallet, watch, mobile etc. Also, you need to be conscious in case you go ahead with any gay, then the chances of being robbed, on the contrary increases.

Pune Redlight area mostly consists of two-floor buildings, with very small rooms of approximately 7 by 5 ft, which accommodates a prostitute and her customer with great difficulty, however lots of stories are being buried in those small rooms, that can be reached by passing through extremely narrow lanes. You can see huge crowd distributed in several rows constituted of prostitutes, transgenders, pimps and at the end of every lane you can find a betal Store (pan stalls), Who sells drugs and condoms.

Though most of the prostitutes keep the condoms with them in Pune Redlight Area for their customers, however it’s better to take your own for the good quality and safety of your self. There are so many advantages and disadvantages attached.


The customers do not have to go to any other place for sex services and the same goes with the prostitutes, who do not roam around and spread everywhere in the City for their commercial activities, offering sex to the people, who are not satisfied physically, due to any of the reasons. As there’s a particular place, so there are less chances of getting cheated or robbed, however, you need to be conscious and alert while dealing with any of the whores.


Pune Redlight Area acts like an adventure for someone, curiosity to know what happens in reality for another person, a place to get paid sex services easily, craziness or the desire of visiting the place, just to see how it looks. The reality is most of the Brothels are providing beautiful and attractive prostitutes, with good figure and pleasure which gives worth to the money of the customer, after getting satisfied with the services. However, some of the sex workers play smart and don’t even take away their clothes, in lieu of the money they receive from the customers.


You need to be conscious regarding the anti-social elements, who exist in Pune Redlight area as they tend to cheat or rob the customers, who goes there. There is a trend of minor girls, who are being forced to get into the flesh trade, which should be dealt with very seriously. In case, there is a police raid then the customer can get rid of the policeman and do not need to go to the police station even, if he is ready to pay at least ₹1000.

However, the prostitute of Pune Redlight area suffers again, when the police raids any of the Brothels as most of the time the raid doesn’t mean to escape the sex workers, but to exploit them even more. At least in the Brothels, they are getting paid for having sex with their customers, however if they are being caught in the police raid, they have to offer free sex to the different policeman or other people who are not satisfied and want to use the prostitutes.

 In addition to which, there is one more disadvantage in case the condoms doesn’t work, then you can be prone to sex diseases, which can be easily transmitted from the sex workers. Though, they have been taking care of cleanliness and hygiene with the support and teaching of one of the leading NGOs, Saheli, which is associated with Pune Redlight area Budhwar Peth for a long time. There is a flood of tears and sorrow behind every successful and beautiful prostitute, who is bound to work there for her family’s survival.

The market of Electronics turns into the market of flesh, as the evening approaches and it continues till late night for normal customers. However, there are so many people who belongs to high society, politics or from any other high profile industry, who cannot visit the prostitutes publicly, comes in their expensive cars, after 1 o’clock in the night. When there are very less chances of being noticed, by anyone of their identity. But, most of the people want to visit once at least. In fact, Budhwar Peth is worth giving a shot for everyone, who wants to have something different and unique experience in life.

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