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Indian Ministry Of Tourism

Indian Ministry of Tourism acts like a backbone of an economy. Regulatory body that regulates laws and rules, related to existence and development of Indian tours and tourism, which helps in creating, implementing and taking care of all the strategies which are important for the progression of tourism in India.

Though there are so many places that tourists visit All Around The Year, however the whole process needs to be taken care of very sincerely and seriously, for which Ministry of Tourism performs at its best of the efforts, from taking care of Heritage buildings and monuments to arranging transportation for the visitors with all affordable, safe facilities and amenities. In addition to which, good food and Accommodation are also taken care by the department of Ministry of Tourism, so that the people who are visiting our country do not face any problem or concerns, while they come for their vacation.


Majority of finances spent on whole of the process, consists of maintaining the quality of services, which Ministry of Tourism offers to provide to the tourist visiting in India. There is a huge category of hotels, which is being provided with the best of services and distinctive delicacies of Indian culture. The categories include Heritage hotels, Deluxe hotels, category of star hotels such as- 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star and 1 star.

Ministry of Tourism caters to the people from all over the globe, which includes different types of communities, various levels of financial backgrounds, the variety of groups from various countries. Transportation is another aspect, which is taken care by the department. In order to make the visitors happy, comfortable and satisfied, while taking care of their safety and affordability, in terms of the money they wish to spend. Ministry of Tourism has appointed various tours and travels, operators, guides, groups and managers, who takes care of the tourists and their specific needs that are time bound.

When you have plan to visit India, take a look on www.tourism.gov.in  as this official website of Indian ministry of tourism, will give you the desired and intense insight of the department and the planned strategy of the government. You can also contact them through Facebook or Twitter, in addition to which you can leave your feedback, that is taken care of by the senior officers very early.  You can get the information of hotels and restaurants, available in each and every state that is included in the tourism list of the ministry. You can also apply for an online visa, if you have plans to travel from abroad.

Also, you will get the information for whom to contact for your queries and concerns. There is a detailed list of information available, that will help you to understand the strategy of marketing by the department at the international level as well, or you can consult the brochures and magazines published by them periodically. The mission of the ministry is to increase the revenue from tourism, leaving the tourists contended with everlasting experience.

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