Goodfellas Cafe Bar Thassos

There is a lot to say about Thassos Island, the gorgeous pearl of the Aegean Sea. It is a magnificent place! The island is visited by a million people every year, million happy and satisfied tourists, who will be back the next summer.

Thassos is located in North Greece, very close to the mainland, very easy and fairly cheap to reach. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region and in whole Europe. In fact, there are many people from Canada and Australia, who also come to relax on Thassos Island.


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The clear sea water and beaches are just part of the charm of this small island. It is also the greenest island in Greece, often called the “Green Emerald”. One a guy told me that when people see Thasos, from the plane, it really looks like Green Emerald.

The island offers the sea sports, hiking, relaxing, great food, drinks and hotels. There are also hundreds of restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, fast food places; you can visit the Museum and the Amphitheatre. In the full season, you can also enjoy the famous Greek Buzuki nights.

The biggest town on the island is also called Thassos or Limenas, mostly by the locals. The most of the hotels are there and the most of the coffee shops and bars, too. Still, it is crowded only in the full season time – in July and August. If you want to have peaceful and relaxing time, you will prefer to visit in June or September.

Thassos is also a favorite destination for the Greeks; thousands of them are coming every weekend, just to go back on Sunday. In fact, ten years ago, Greeks were the largest part of the tourists on the island, but due to the Financial Restrictions the country suffers; now they can afford only weekends. As always – they are still happy!

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The shops and bars are located at the city beach, the centrum and the port of the town. At the port, you will find the Goodfellas Cafe bar Thassos – the shop we are visiting today.

The Goodfellas opened 6 years ago and became one of the most popular places in the town, for both locals and tourists. Its great location – just in front of the port, close to the national bank was one of the reasons for this success. The nice atmosphere, good service and quality drinks and food are the main reasons.

The Goodfellas Cafe bar Thassos is working the whole year, not just in the summer, it offers food – mostly snacks and sandwiches, coffees and refreshments in the day. In the night, the shop becomes a bar, where some of the best cocktails are served. The service is fast, nice and friendly, as well as its customers. There is a nice view of the night sea, too. It has inside bar and tables on the street, with umbrellas to protect you from the sun.

The Goodfellas café bar Thassos also arranges special party events with quality music and famous DJ’s sets. Having a great time is the most important for its owners and staff.

In fact, the Goodfellas Cafe bar Thassos opens early in the morning, to be able to serve coffee to the locals and close late in the night to allow the tourists to enjoy its unique atmosphere.

If you don’t want to grab a snack, there are plenty of restaurants near Goodfellas Cafe bar Thassos, where you can have a great meal. In fact, two of the best tavernas in the town is just 20 meters away!

Honestly, I can’t think of any minuses, the place is very good, no late orders, no problems; of course, there is a time you won’t find a free table, but this is not a minus. Only that in the afternoon is very hot, like everywhere, even at the beach. Also in the winter, the place is a bit small, only the inside bar is opened; there are no events and the shop closes early.

In conclusion, I can say: If you ever visit Thassos Island, the Goodfellas Cafe bar Thassos is one of the places you must try if you love the good atmosphere, quality drinks and food and friendly service.


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