Feed the Baby Tiger in Thailand

Thailand is one of the famous tourist attraction country of the world. Buddhism is the major cast you find in Thailand and many Islam people also you can find in south part of Thailand. The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht. This country is ruled by the King. So after knowing some basics of the Thailand country, we come to the main topic that feed the baby tiger in Thailand but where?

 Below I mentioned few places, so go through it to find the places to feed the baby tiger:-



Crocodile Park:

Crocodile Park is a place where you get all animals to feed such like Crocodiles , Rhinoceros, Varieties of Birds, Chimpanzee and finally the most curious thing is to feed the baby tiger . This place is in Pattaya. To pattaya, you can travel from Bangkok in just 90 minutes by taxi or you can go by flight too. It’s really worth to go to Crocodile Park and this experience you will remember it forever in your life.

Tiger Temple:

Another place is Tiger Temple, here you can find thousands of tigers to see, to touch and take photography. Also a wonderful thing is that, you can apply for volunteer vacancies to serve in the temple for a short time of period like 1-6 months. In this period you will take care of all tigers, feed them and also clean tiger’s cage. They provide you free accommodation and food but not a salary, you have to serve free.  This place is located at Kanchanaburi. So here you can get a very unique experience by staying, so one should experience it in a life time.


Tiger Kingdom:

Tiger Kingdom is located in the province of Chiang Mai. From Bangkok you can travel from flight as it’s the easiest way to travel from Bangkok. It’s the place, where tigers are found in the cage and people are allowed to go inside the tiger’s cage to take photography, feed tiger and touch and feel it.

So these are the place where you can touch, feed and take photography of tigers in Thailand. Never miss to visit these places, if you ever visit the Thailand.


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