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Famous Places For Shopping in Goa

Goa, the majestic place in India is full of things to do and buy during your vacations there. Except for the beaches and the incredible nightlife, the state is distinguished for its vibrant street markets, having an outstanding variety of traditional products, while there are also many stores, if you like shopping in malls. Don’t lose time, wander around the streets of Goa and be sure that you will find anything you need.

Anjuna Flea Market: Every Wednesday near Anjuna Beach, you can buy so many traditional products strolling the street, at the renowned «Anjuna Flea Market» in North Goa. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, handicrafts, all the goods you want in affordable prices, just for you.


Panjim Market: An incredible variety of local tastes and souvenirs, lies in front of your eyes at the «Panjim Market». Spicy dishes, nuts, wines, dozens of eateries, as also colorful handmade bags and other Goan products, make this street market the perfect destination, especially for the tourists.

Mapusa Market: One of the most lively streets and also flea market is the notable «Mapusa Market» in North Goa. There, plenty of local traders come to sell their products that range from apparels, impressive craft works, jewels and antiques, to myriads of foodies, like fruits, vegetables, meats and so much more.

Calangute Market: The street market on Calangute Beach is definitely one of a kind. Operating just near the coast, it provides the customers with all the things they need on the beach, as beachwear, snacks, seafood and drinks, while it has also a variety of clothing, local handicrafts, souvenirs, even carpets.

Night Bazaars: If you forget to buy something during the daylight, don’t worry, Goa has the best night street markets where you can buy literally everything. Particularly on Saturday, Arpora’s «Saturday Night Bazaar» is full of products, such as foodies, herbs, bags, accessories, carpets, rugs and any type of handicraft and handmade masterpiece you can imagine. At that time, during the chilly night, the weather is by your side, so it is the best opportunity to go shopping, without the heat of the sun, doing in the same time something that is not very common. Additionally, don’t forget to visit the seasonable «Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar», which is located in the margins of the Baga River. It has all the products that we mentioned before and also marvelous antiques as well as amusing live music.

 Acorn Arcade: For those who want to explore something more elegant from the countless street markets, there is the ideal destination in Candolim. The place is extremely famous for its stores, especially for the luxurious jewelry. One of the best spots for that is the «Acorn Arcade» which is situated near the Candolim beach. The glorious arcade contains a lot of marvelous shops that has all the things to make you feel more sensational and comfortable. There, it is disposed designer’s garments, endless options of gold, diamond, silver jewels, intoxicating perfumes, even qualified wooden furniture to decorate your home. All these products can be found in one mall, which undeniably will drive you crazy. However, if you would like to know more, specifically for the finest jewelry, you should also visit «Ashoka Jewellers» and «Tony’s The Designer Jewellers». Having the most precious stones to purchase, it’s sure that you will not regret it.




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