Shemale Goa

Don’t Mess Up with LadyBoys (Shemales) in Goa

I and my friends always visit Goa every year to have fun but before 5 years back our visit to Goa was disappointed us very badly, the reason for this is the ladyboy of Goa (shemale of Goa).

We stayed in Panjim, Goa at serviced apartment and from there we wanted to go to Calangute beach at night 11 pm. We were four friends so we took 2 rented bikes and started moving slowly towards Calangute beach.


In the midway, we all 4 friends was started getting hungry so thought to have some light snacks in any of the restaurants and stopped to one restaurant and had our food with some of the beers and we didn’t observed the time and it was 12.30 am already, so we finished off and started moving quickly towards Calangute beach and finally we reached the Calangute beach.

We had the plan to go to ‘Titos Pub’ so we went there and asked for entry fees but it was very expensive like 3500 INR per person, so we discussed and decided not to go to Titos and instead of that we went to some open bar and restaurant that had awesome music. We started drinking beers again and till 2 am we drank beers and had fun and that was an unforgettable moment.

After we paid bill then started moving to return to Panjim but near the Calangute beach many ladyboys stand on the main street and offer sex but what the amazing thing is that they look very attractive and sexy and even the ladies stand nearby them then the ladies only look dull. We all four were drunk and when we see a sexy lady (lady-boy), we stopped and asked her the cost and she (lady-boy) said 8000 INR per night per person. But unfortunately, only one out of 4 friends had that much money to expense so he said he will go and come in one hour and we sadly said ok enjoy to our friend and again we went near the restaurant to drink beer for one hour.

After we went, my friend went to that ladyboy in that small street and only one house was there that kept outside light ON  but nobody near surrounding on that street. Then my friend asked where is the room to that ladyboy of Goa and ladyboy said there is no room you do it (F….K) here in the street only, my friend shocked and said ‘what the hell you saying?’ then that ladyboy of Goa replied do it here or get lost to my friend. My friend sadly saw everywhere surrounding and ok I will do it here only.

As my friend was angry already because he paid 8000 INR for that ladyboy and he is f..king on street so he started pressing her/his boobs very hardly and that ladyboy again shouted on him and said press slowly you bastard.


Finally, my friend lost his temperature and started shouting that to give the money back and still he don’t know that he is f..king the ladyboy of Goa as she/he was speaking in a lady’s voice with him. When he started shouting more on that ladyboy then that ladyboy took the empty beer bottle that which she kept for her security and broken that beer bottle and said to my friend that, if you do not go from here then’ I will kill you’ and my friend feared and said ‘Cool Cool’ will go from here. Later, my friend reached the main street and that ladyboy came till the main road to send him back with broken beer bottle. After my friend reached the main road, he got some stones and he started throwing on that ladyboy and that ladyboy ran away inside that small street.

Later, our friend call us and said to come near ‘Titos Pub’ and we all went there and he was explaining, what had happened to him and at that time we didn’t expect that ladyboy will come in the car with a big gang to hit our friend. We were talking to our friend and our friend was running away far from us as he already feared of that ladyboy and we shocked why he running again but later we come to know that ladyboy came in a car with a big gang. That ladyboy gang surrounded us and said to our friend to come near and compromise otherwise will not leave your friends. My friend started saying bad words to that ladyboy and said that ladyboy only to come near him and compromise,  ladyboy and gang got angry and chased our friend and left us. But at the end, however, our friend escaped and reached back to us.

This was a really horrible experience we had in Goa with these ladyboys, so guys please stay away from these lady boys otherwise, you will lose your money and get harmed.


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