Dino Bar Sliven, Bulgaria

 You will find Dino Bar in Sliven, Bulgaria, small town – over 90 000- 100 000 inhabitants. The town is one of the many, where you may feel the financial crisis, devouring the country for the last two decades. It is not that bad in fact – people will always find a way to make a living… and in the summer, everything looks better! It is an usual town, except for its beautiful nature – above is located one of the national parks – “Sinite kamani”, which translated means – blue stones. Sliven is also called the town of the Blue Stones.

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Like all the Bulgarian towns, Sliven is very old (more than 1000 years old) and has proud and powerful history – it is also called the town of the Hundred Voivods, where the Voivods were the leaders of the rebels against the Ottoman Empire. In fact, the Voivods were some the bravest and the smartest people among the rebels.

Once extremely developed and alive, now the town is trying to revive its own Economy, for now with little success. Still, Sliven offers interesting places to visit –The Museum of History, a number of Ethno Museum, Voivods houses, the Tuida Fortress and Park “Sinite Kamani”.

In Sliven, you will find a fair amount of coffee shops, bars, pool bars, restaurants and fast food places. The Dino Bar Sliven is among the most visited in the day and in the night, mostly because the place offers a large playground for children. It is located near the town’s park on the open air, this is why the shop works only in the summer.

The Dino Bar Sliven covers a large area, in fact the park, created for the children takes the large part. There are large size trampolines, immense slide, train, air slide, air guns, a small ninja house, where kids play a lot and …a real size Tyrannosaurus Rex!

                                                  Park in the Bar

The place has a coffee shop and a restaurant – two different places, which allow you to have your coffee and watch your child play, but also to get nice food for a good price! The Dino Bar Sliven is one of the places where people celebrate and have fun, the place where the kids always want to go … and they don’t want to leave!

In the summer nights, the Dino Bar offers nice drinks and calm atmosphere for all, parents and non-parents; it closes early – around midnight.

To visit Dino Bar Sliven with your kids and let them take advantage of all the attractions, you need to pay 1, 5 Euros for every child, the entrance ticket is valid for 24 hours (rarely used option). If your child wants to get the Train or shoot with the air guns – it costs 0, 50 for about 15 minutes.

The drinks and food prices are reasonable and very close to these in every restaurant in the town; there is a difference, but minor.

In fact, going at Dino Bar Sliven – it is like you are out of the town (if we don’t count the last floors of the buildings we see), it is like a small island, where your kids disappear, you are not worried and you can have a meal or a coffee (or drink) with family or friends. The place is a dream, come true for every busy parent, who wants to relax. Still, Dino Bar Sliven is not noisy, thanks to its size, the attractions are located on a fair distance from the coffee shop (enough to be quiet, but also to be able to see your child).

Like everywhere in Dino Bar Sliven we find minuses, one of them is the service – it is slow, sometimes they don’t see you, or make mistakes with the orders. It fact, I am sure that they need an extra person on hiring, but the pay is low (like everywhere). Usually, young people work there – 18-20 years old and they lack discipline, they are also lazy and low paid, so you can imagine. Also, the poor quality of the hot drinks (this is why I recommend bottled soft drinks or a beer), the food, on the other side, is good!

If you decide to visit Bulgaria and Sliven, it will offer you the best nature, the nicest people and you will have an extremely interesting time. I forgot to mention, if you ever visit this town, keep your money and expensive things close – otherwise – you will never know what hit you!


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