country farm cowboy thailand

Country Farm Cowboy Thailand

When you go to Thailand, be sure to visit the Country Farm Cowboy Party in Diluang titled Uncle Chang Adventure Camp Country Farms, one of the best cowboy Thailand attractions. If you like cowboys, good music, horses and good food, this is a good place for you and your family to visit.  The staffs are nice and friendly, you would feel at home when you get there.  It is located in the southern part of Thailand in the Sathing Pra District.  Be sure to visit the other historical locations as well, to complete your experience.

        You might ask yourself, what makes this place different from the other cowboy Thailand attractions?  If you are with your family and would want to visit a cowboy Thailand location which is relaxing and fun, then this is the place for you.  You can also visit the attraction alone if you are feeling adventurous, but going there with family or friends would be better.  If you have visited most of the northern and the central attractions of Thailand, complete the experience by going south and enjoying the rest of Thailand.  Before going directly to the cowboy Thailand attraction, you might need to find a good place to stay in.  Luckily, I know such a place.


        When you get to the Sathing Pra district and you are looking for a quiet and fun place to rest near the cowboy Thailand Party in Diluang, the best location to stay would be the Aoi Thai Resort.  It is near the Sathing Pra Center, very accessible and is just 20-30 minutes ride to Diluang.  Their parking is free and wide, you would not worry where to park your vehicle.  They also have free wifi, perfect for keeping tracks of your online and internet activities.  Their rooms are comfortable and spacious as well.  They also have a chlorine free swimming pool that your family can enjoy.  You can surf and swim at the beach, enjoy the warm waters in the afternoon.  Get rested in their beachside bungalows when you get tired.  They provide umbrellas when raining, adding to their charm.  Their staffs are friendly and they serve with a smile.  Their food is a mix of international, Western and Thai food with amazing variety.  Their barbeque is superb and tasty, you would probably eat more than 3 servings.  Their accommodation price ranges from 1500 Baht to 2000 Baht. There are other hotels and lodges that you could get stay in, but this resort is the best and the nearest to Diluang, in my opinion.  When you decide to visit the cowboy Thailand Party, here is what you would expect.

       When you get there, you would see Uncle Chang Adventure Camp Country Farms written in huge letters at the top.  There is a receptionist in the entrance to answer your queries about the many activities and attractions of the place.  The place is adequately lit, with the combination of green, red and yellow lighting illuminating the venue.  There is a sheriff station, lots of bars and a music stage, where the musicians play soothing music using the harmonica.  I was expecting the musicians to sing some country songs but I guess that would be asking too much.  You will also see a lot of men and women wearing complete cowboy and cowgirl attires.  There are also some people wearing American Indian outfits as well as some kids flailing their whips, completing the cowboy experience.  There are also a lot of motorcycles in the location for added cowboy western effect.  There are lot of chairs and tables around, that it never gets crowded or full.  They also sell some cowboy themed merchandise and apparels as well as American Indian ones, if you want some souvenirs to take home.  There are also men riding horses in the location, who would be glad to teach you some tips on riding a horse and getting off a horse.  I just wished there was an English Translator so I could understand what the announcer is saying.  Still, a minor issue compared to the nice ambiance, good food and soothing music that you would get from a cowboy Thailand experience.  If you are from Texas or you live near it, this the most fun and relaxing cowboy Thailand trip you can go to include in your visit to Thailand.

Good luck and have a fun time enjoying Thailand!