CouchSurfing : The Best Way to Accommodate While Travelling

Couchsurfing is an accommodation service which can be accessed either through their website or their mobile app. Members generally use the facilities to organize homestays, offer lodging and hospitality.

The stage is a blessing economy; hosts are not permitted to charge for accommodation. Individuals set up an online character, and subsequent to leaving remarks on their encounters with different individuals, build up notoriety. Individuals can either specifically ask for a hotel from different individuals or post their tour plans openly and get offers from different individuals. Be that as it may, except if individuals experience a confirmation procedure. The thought behind Couchsurfing is basic: “couchsurfers” use the friendliness of amicable individuals around the globe who open their homes to voyagers — a demonstration of generosity that goes back centuries.


The confirmation procedure above mentioned incorporates a one-time US$60 charge (waived for individuals who have 4 times each year), they are just ready to send messages to 10 different individuals for every week.

It has a snappy ring to it, yet there is some uplifting news: you won’t generally be consigned to dozing on lounge chairs. Numerous hosts have spare rooms; you could even have your very own washroom. On some heavenly events, visitor bungalows are accessible!

How does it work!

Head to the Couchsurfing Website



If you’ve been attempting to get into the process yet finding that you aren’t getting numerous positive reactions from hosts, at that point there’s likely a major issue with your profile as well as how you’re informing them.

Similarly, as with the point over, a host needs to 1) invite you into their home 2) feel that you’re a decent individual spend time with and 3) believes that you’re not a killer on the run or a moocher looking with the expectation of complimentary burrows. Likewise, on the off chance that they’re in a well-known travel goal, they should get many messages each week from forthcoming Couchsurfing people and won’t have the capacity to (or need) to acknowledge everybody.

Along these lines, put some time in making your profile coherent and something which mirrors your interests and identities. Have bunches of photographs, inform them concerning you and what you like, however, most importantly be straightforward and open.

On the off chance that you are yet attempting to get positive reactions, which implies you aren’t ready to get any references from hosts, at that point.

When a host has demonstrated an intrigue, or acknowledged you, at that point stay in contact. Messaging, Whatsapping or bringing in the keep running up to your stay is reasonable and should make the entire procedure less demanding for everybody included.

Couchsurfing has offered another gift-based check framework to make beginner surfers progressively appealing to hosts.

So, Is it totally Free?

It is free; however, this shouldn’t imply that there isn’t an implicit compensation. I generally attempt to make some sort of signal.

It could be a container of wine, it could be the guarantee to prepare a dinner that night or it could be a bit of something from your nation of origin.

As the Broke Backpacker let us know, regularly these little demonstrations and signals of gratefulness can really signify cost more than you would have spent on a residence bed for a couple of evenings.

Even though, on presumptive worth, Couchsurfing will spare the surfers a daily expense in return for a bed and enable your cash to extend significantly further on an excursion, that is generally not what the network is about. In any case, they are basic to building those companionships and encounters which prop the network up and developing.


Safety is clearly one of the fundamental worries of beginner surfers – and that is justifiable. Although the promoting puts everybody forward as ‘a companion you haven’t met yet’, surfers and hosts are in a general sense total outsider. Guaranteeing you consider security, and get ready in like manner, isn’t just reasonable yet central to guarantee that you appreciate Couchsurfing and have just positive encounters.

Hosts can likewise have their addresses and personality checked. There are people who can be reached in many urban communities where the Community people group exists, and you can without much of a stretch select who you do or don’t have any desire to host or remain with.

Tragically, terrible individuals do exist, and you don’t care for everybody you fundamentally meet on your movements or when you surf.

Read references of hosts from previous Couch Surfers.

Trust your gut – if the host doesn’t seem like a solid match, or their tone/conduct starts to change once you arrive, at that point simply leave.

Ensure somebody knows precisely where you’re staying.



It’s won’t always be a couch.

Even though you might just finish up slamming on a couch, an extra room or explode bedding in the parlour is similarly as likely! In this way, if comfort is your fundamental concern, don’t stress excessively – Couchsurfing is yet a possibility for you.


·         You get a look behind the travel industry shade. A decent host will give a more profound comprehension of the place you are visiting.

·         Your neighbourhood companion will know the nearby hotspots and can offer cash sparing guidance for insider sights and exercises. You’ll find out about tricks to maintain a strategic distance from and where to locate the best consume around the local area from the scams.

·         You may approach a kitchen. Shopping for food and preparing dinners at home is less expensive and more advantageous than eating out in eateries consistently as explorers regularly do.

·         Regardless of whether you as of now have a settlement, you can utilize the Couchsurfing site to discover explorer meetups and joints.

·         Enduring kinships are regularly framed through this process.

·         Live like a nearby

Fantasy of any brave voyager is to become acquainted with the city from the viewpoint of local people. This gives the benefit of seeing the city through the eyes of its occupants. Watching your host play out their day by day normal, watching their typical propensities and tasting the customary nourishments they will most likely get ready for you, can give you an uncommon taste of the supposed genuine in wherever on the planet.

·         Meet new individuals with various foundations

Being a worldwide system of clients, the stage assembles individuals with various social, ethnic, and religious foundations. It is a human woven artwork of intriguing people you can either remain with or get together for espresso and possibly complete a bit of touring. This extraordinary component of Couchsurfing makes it a stand-out person to person communication site.

Cons of being one

·         You’re generally on another person’s calendar

It’s uncommon — naturally so — to discover a host who will give you a chance to hang out in their level when they’re not there (even though it happens occasionally).

·         Sometimes it’s simply cumbersome

It is somewhat of a movement of the shakers. Now and then it looks on paper like you’ll coexist incredible with your host — yet when you meet face to face, it simply doesn’t click.

Different occasions, you can’t discover a host you’d work well with; however, you can discover somebody who appears to be innocuous yet exhausting

Issues with CouchSurfing in India

While it’s simple enough to discover a host, it’s significantly harder to locate a decent one.

Tragically, there are numerous awfulness stories around about couch surfing encounters turned out badly in India. The primary issue is Indian men having ulterior intentions. Rather than utilizing the couch surfing stage to just offer voyagers free facilities, they’re keen on becoming acquainted with female explorers more personally. Spontaneous lewd gestures are alarmingly normal, as are demands for dates. Female explorers regularly discover their couch surfing inboxes loaded up with messages from Indian men needing to “make kinship” and “have a ton of fun” One of the fundamental issues in Couchsurfing is that females, for the most part, don’t live alone freely or travel alone. Society is a traditionalist and it’s frequently disapproved of. Subsequently, there can be misguided judgments about outside ladies who are eager to remain in the homes of outsiders, especially men, in India.

Instructions to Couch Surf Safely

·         It’s likewise more secure to pick has that are as yet living with their folks, or families. If the host has remained abroad, it’s a major positive

·         Ensure you both have normal interests and will almost certainly identify with one another which will be helpful to either spark up a conversation or for better bonding.

·         Couchsurfing enables individuals to leave positive (or negative) references for different individuals. The reference framework isn’t essential for security, yet in addition, causes hosts to choose whether you will be a solid match in their home. Hosts are extremely taking a bet when offering to have somebody without any references. You will think that it’s a lot less demanding to discover a host if you have a few references.

·         Much like eBay’s criticism arrangement, hosts and visitors can leave positive, impartial or negative input and give a composed record of their experience. This is one way the organization attempts to guarantee wellbeing for its clients, however, there are others.

Happy and Safe CouchSurfing

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