Complete Tourism Guide In India


Adventure can be easily related to the most unusual and exciting experiences. Activities involving mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, rafting and caving, adventure trips are a bold move for anyone.


Talking about adventure India is a great place to experience adventurous activities. There are numerous ways and places where you can get a chilling experience. Adventure tourism in India can be a fun and overwhelming experience of all time. Let’s explore some top adventurous destinations to spend a vacation in India:

  • Leh- Srinagar Highway: Leh- Srinagar is famous for Mountain- biking.Leh-Srinagar highway is the best destination for a mountain biking trip and not only for mountain biking, but this place also has various beautiful places to go and visit.
  • Goa: Goa is a hub for all the water sports in India. It is one of the destinations for adventure tourism in India. A perfect place to chill and hang out with friends near the exotic beaches. Various water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, and windsurfing, all these sports are available in Goa.
  • Rishikesh: Rishikesh is one of the most famous destinations for adventure tourism in India. One of the most amazing adventure sport is available in Rishikesh, which is river rafting. Rishikesh also provides adventurous sports like cliff diving, bungee jumping, and kayaking.
  • Dehradun: Dehradun is the main hub for camping and trekking trips. The two major adventurous sports which you can get in Dehradun are trekking and paragliding.
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Andaman and Nicobar Island is a major attraction for water sport such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Gives and exhilarating experience related to marine life.


India is land of culture and heritage. In India tours are managed by tour operators under Indian Association of Tour Operators. They directly report to Government of India and thus tour operators work under guidelines given by the administration of the country. Some of the best tour operators in India are as follows.

  1. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an online portal for travel planning n India. It comes with flexible itineraries, food and accommodation in a pocket-friendly way. The company was awarded ‘Best Tour Operator award’ multiple times. Presently the company possesses more than 30 establishment stores in around 28 urban areas. MakeMyTrip was granted on numerous occasions as ‘Best Tour Operator in India’.

  1. Arha Holidays

Arha Holidays is an endeavor of experts who have involvement in working with Sterling Holidays, Thomas Cook and Club Mahindra. They are also one among the best tour operators in India with its professionalism and experience. They have touring plans with incredible adaptability and tweaked trips with fun exercises included. They have a straightforward working body where the clients are made mindful of the value, prohibitions and considerations and organize client inclinations. They are not minor bundle dealers but rather travel organizers who offer nonstop help.

  1. Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra Holidays is a venture of Mahindra group which operates more than 50 resorts in India as well as overseas. Outside the United State, Club Mahindra is one of the largest tour operators. It was selected as ‘India’s Favorite Resort Chain’ in 2017 and has a 5-star rating was awarded to Club Mahindra by Government of India.


India is the 7th largest country in the world. India is a place of diverse and exotic places. Since it is a large country one vacation is not enough. If you are planning to visit India these are the best tourist places in India to enjoy your vacation.

  1. Agra

Agra is where Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and the top in the list of best tourist place in India. The place is also home to several forts. It is also famous for hand-carved and painted designs made in expensive marbles and handcraft bronze materials. The place also holds a great historical background.

  1. Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of the country. There are many picturesque locations in the city like Qutub Minar, Red fort, tombs of various old emperors and administrative offices.

  1. Jaipur

It is also known as Pink city. The place is famous for the culture, temples and festivals. There are many forts and you can even take a camel safari in the desert.

  1. Goa

Goa is the second best tourist place in India. It is a small state and is a must go if you are visiting India. The place has beautiful lagoons and beaches. There are Portuguese colonies in Goa and has a notable Jewish community. Goa is the perfect place for a quick getaway.

  1. Alappuzha

Alappuzha also known as the ‘Venice of the East’ is a place in Kerala famous for its serene backwaters and coconut lagoons. You can take a houseboat to cruise through these calm backwaters and enjoy varieties of seafood. This place is also famous for its green paddy fields and beaches for attracting a huge number of tourists.


Visiting each and every place in India can take longer than the expected time as India has so many things to experience and explore. If a person starts from one point and goes across each city and state it will be a never-ending trip. Let’s make this a bit easy, here are some best travel India places which are a must to visit.

Lahaul-Spiti- Leh Ladakh

A trip to Lahaul-Spiti is a lifetime experience, one of the best travel India places. People usually prefer a road trip to this place, passing from Manali, Rohtang Pass and Leh can give you a thrilling experience. Best time to visit this wonderful destination is from May to October.

Varanasi- Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi is a perfect destination to experience spirituality. Also known as Kashi or Benaras is one of the holiest city in India especially for the Hindus. Kashi Vishwanath temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat and the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple are some of the very famous temples of Varanasi.


Puducherry is insanely famous for its food which is inspired by the French taste. Puducherry has a lot of architecture which is a reference to the French. In case you are planning a visit to France but couldn’t due to some reason, visiting French colony in Puducherry is a must for them. A perfect destination explaining best travel India.

Gokarna – Karnataka

For all the people who love beaches, Gokarna is a perfect spot for them. Even being a temple town the bonfire and parties are a lit option for the fun seekers. The blue sea and golden sand can give you a lot of beautiful memories.



India is a tourist place which is apt for any type of trip, be it solo, with a group of family and friends or with a single partner. There are various destinations in India which are suitable for group trips. Group trips India will give you various memories and quality time with your friends and families as well. A long vacation is all you need after a big-time job and daily routine. Let us go through some beautiful destinations which are suitable for group trips:

1)    Alleppey: It is a very place in Kerala. The specialty about the place is backwaters. You can enjoy a whole day on a houseboat trip with your close friends and families. Enjoy the delicious food served on the houseboat and a delightful time.

2)    Goa- One of the best destinations for spending quality time with a group of friends. Enjoy the pubs and the sea resorts in Goa can be one of the best experiences for group trips India.

3)    Pondicherry: The place is also known as the French Town. Has some amazing beaches to sit and hang out with friends. Explore the French Colony and let yourself mesmerized by the architecture.

4)    Rishikesh: For a group of friends who are really interested in adventures, Rishikesh is one of the destinations for them. Water sports are the main attraction of this place. A perfect group trips India destination.

5)    Darjeeling: The main hub of superb tea plantations. Darjeeling is a place worth exploring with friends or with family.

6)    Sikkim: Eastern beauty is a lovely and cheap vacay destination for the tourists. The place is best explored with groups.



Many guided tours are available in different cities throughout India.  Some top guided tours in India are

  1. India Guided Tours

Pink City’s leading tour operator Guided Tours India conduct walking tours and is the best way to explore the city. There are private as well as individual and also group tours. Guided Tours India also does bike tours, day trips, festival travel and art exhibitions.

  1. Konkan Explorers

Discover islands and diverse geography of India with Konkan Express. Diverse activities like kayaking, swimming, sailing with cruise. They were awarded National Award for Best Outdoor Operator. Trips are normally 1 hour or sometimes more. Konkan Explorer attracts many adrenaline junkies to the region for their customized adventure trips.

  1. Endless Tours and Travels

If you are into trekking through one of the coldest region in India, Endless Tours and Travels is your answer for guided tours in India. They are active Trekking Agents Association of Kashmir’s member. They are established trekking company operates mainly in Kashmir valley. They focus on a fun filled, unforgettable and exciting experience.

  1. Plunge adventurers

Plunge adventurers are Kerala based adventure tour operators who takes you to see around villages and backwaters around Alleppy. Bicycle tours, spending time in coconut lagoon, spotting migratory birds, stand up paddling and kayaking through the serene beauty of backwaters. They provide experienced locals for guided tours.The guided tours are mainly focused on foreign tourists who cannot follow the language of different regions.  They are available online and can also be approached directly.


Travel is a lifetime experience, it helps you to find your inner self. Traveling through the world, meeting new people, learning about their cultures and traditions and trying to talk in their language is one of the most overwhelming experiences in anyone’s life. So at least ones in life people should try getting out of their boring routine and exploring the world.

But how will people know about the places and the stories behind those places? The Internet is one source, but do you think it has the same essence just like native people telling the history about a place?

This problem is solved by a tourists guide. In India also where ever you visit you can easily find tourist guides, who will take you to all the important places of a state and make your journey more cheerful by updating you with all the necessary information about the place.

Guiding in India is basically the guide will tell you all the original history associated with a place and make your travel more interesting and exciting. The Indian Guides explain the rituals and custom of each and every place they take you and also the reason behind each of the custom. So guiding in India is helpful as well as necessary, because India is a place where each community follows some of the other tradition. Hence the guide will help you to understand each of it and also encourage you to take part in them.

Guiding in India is not an easy task. There are various criteria which the candidate has to fulfill. So whatever knowledge is passed to the tourist is of great use.


 A phrase which people from other nation must have felt at some point when they came across the Indian culture is “I want to go India”. India has so much diversity that is can attract anyone from any part of the world. Knowing about the cultural background of India, people from different countries often feel like experiencing as well. Indian festivals, the cities, and the people are one of the most colorful things which separate them from the rest of the world. The variety of food items available in every region of India is one of its a specialty. So there are various reasons why people can feel like “I want to go to India”.

Not only cultural differences which are the main feature of India, but there are also many tourists spots in India which are great to explore. Various terrains give a different experience of different types of sports. There are many adventures tourists destinations in India. There are mountain terrains which give you a nice experience of trekking and camping. Water sports is one of the specialties of India. All these specialties can make anyone say the words “I want to go India”.

Places like Srinagar and Leh-Ladakh gives you both scenic beauty as well as adventure sports. Kerala is a place where the backwater trips will blow your mind. Various architectural monuments in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and New Delhi which bring your interest towards the history of India. The North Eastern states will give you plenty of flora and fauna richness. Experience the famous rush in Mumbai locals. Live the city life in Bangalore and Chennai.

That’s the beauty of India, as it can give a lifetime of an experience which can make several memories. I want to go India can be wonderful experience.



Domestic or international, India is always on the top of every wanderlust’s list. If you are looking for a pocket friendly holiday tour package in India or a luxurious one, India is a good option. Read on for more information on holiday tour packages in India.

International Travel Packages

Websites like tripadvisor, makemytrip, yatra etc has many packages for international as well as domestic travelers. These packages cover flight tickets, accommodation, local guides and transport. Visa processes from different countries vary but if you are visiting India only for touring purposes a 60 days electronic visa is issued for International travelers.

You can also build your own packages and select where you like to spend most of your time. Government of India also supports and supervises travel agencies to make sure the guests are comfortable throughout their visit.

Domestic Holiday Tour Packages

Being a domestic traveler is more exciting and stress free and has its own perks. There are family packages, honeymoon packages, adventurer trips etc. Trips to different states can range from minimum 3 to 8 days.  Budget tours as well as cheap tours are also included in the above websites. Accommodation and commuting are cheap if you switch to state-owned facilities. Yatra Online Private Ltd. is a leading company for domestic trips. They have affordable , hassle free packages for all your dream destination.

Who doesn’t like a pocket-friendly trip enjoying jungle walks, tranquil locations and impenetrable hills? Just go ahead and start planning a trip to India on your next vacation.


India is a geographically large country and has a lot of diverse terrains. Irrespective of your choices, you will definitely find something that would suit your tastes. The cultural aspects of India are very deep and fascinating. The subcontinent of India is truly one of a kind when it comes to diversity. It is definitely well known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse nature. The detail and richness in the culture make people from other countries awestruck. The cultural and economic contrasts add on to the beauty and speciality of this country and serve as the main reason why a great number of foreigners choose to visit India and get an essence of the heritage of the country.

Indian Tours and travel services are a booming business because of the increase in the number of travellers who visit India every year.  These companies help in sorting out everything that you need for a perfect tour. They help you in getting your visas cleared, they assign and book stays and flights for you based on your budget and comfort, provide you with local transportation facilities and everything. Indian Tours and travel services also provide you with valued suggestions to make your trip even better in every way possible.

Online based Indian Tours and travel services like Yatra, Travel triangle, Trip advisor etc are gaining popularity among travellers these days and they make your trip planning very easy. They guide you through each and every step of your trip planning and execution and make sure everything is hassle-free and trouble-free.


India has always been a destination of interest for many foreigners throughout the years. It is well known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse nature. The detail and richness in the culture make people from other countries awestruck and serves as the main reason why a great number of foreigners choose to visit India and get an essence of the heritage of the country. As a geographically and culturally diverse nation, exploring India can be a little overwhelming and hard for you without any help. There are many Indian travel guides who can help you explore this country with ease.

In order to make your trip to India a success, you need to take care of the following. Exploring this country can be tiring and exhausting. Therefore it is important for you to have a clear idea about the places you visit. Getting yourselves associated with a trustee travel guide will ease the whole process for you. A local Indian travel guide can help you bridge the lingual differences between you and the local people since there are over twenty major languages spoken throughout this country. They provide you detailed information about guest houses, various restaurants based on different cuisines, rental services, party destinations, best destinations for people of different backgrounds and age groups. They have detailed knowledge about various destinations. Most of the Indian travel guides have a very warm attitude and are very friendly. They will definitely make your trip easier and seamless with their services.


Traveling in India is a tough but wonderful experience itself. Based on the interests of places they can choose any city to visit as India is home to various landforms, cultures, and traditions. So based on the preferences places or cities can be decided. For example for a person who is an extrovert and can handle the crowd North India should be the first preference for them, whereas people who prefer less crowded areas South India may be suitable for them. But as of now any region in India does not make much of a difference.

For a trip to India, you should first decide the region from where you want to start your journey. Now the question arises India where to go?  Whether it’s the south or the north. If your journey is starting from North India then visiting the Golden Triangle is a must. Now you may be thinking what is the Golden Triangle? Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur together forms the Golden Triangle. The three cities have three things in common each of them has a beautiful history, their love towards architecture and the crowded streets. Being a capital Delhi has the most beautiful architecture of all times. Be it the Qutub Minar or the martyrs memorial India gate, it has some exotic places to visit. Agra and Jaipur are none the less, the beauty of Agra is the Taj Mahal and Jaipur has a bunch of palaces to explore. This solves the problem of India where to go.

Kerala known as “Gods own Country” is beauty in South India. The backwater cruises with all the greenery around is a delightful and extraordinary experience. India is a country where any place has it’s own essence. So India where to go is a question which just becomes a formality there.


Guides are people who lead the way to unknown paths for us, travelers. When planning a vacation to a faraway place, we are always worried about how to go about the plan without outside help. Every tour operator provides us with an Indian guide who will help us with our travel. If the guide is a local person in the region where you are in, that is an added bonus.

As technology evolved the importance of a travel guide is slowly decreasing as the internet can give you all the information. Tour operators are also online and offer 24 hours support for 7 days a week has made a major impact in the area of tour guides. Offline support is also available to customers nowadays.

Tour operators who are well known in India such as Thomas cook, wanderon, hosteller, tourradar, yatra, makemytrip etc are some operators who provide with Indian guides. Depending on your package you will be allotted to small groups headed by one or two guides. The perks of having an Indian guide when you travel in India are many.

Indian guides are native people who know the language of the region and locations. They can effortlessly help you out in any situation since he/she belongs to that particular region. They are all friendly and very experienced in their profession. They will also know restaurants which present their cuisines in their best way and pocket-friendly accommodation and food. If you are a domestic traveler you might not need one as you can speak the language and can enjoy solo.



India is that country which serves the best for travellers who belong to all the budget categories. Exploring India with a normal budget can be really great but taking up luxury India tours is something on a whole another level.

When it comes to Royalty and luxury, the city of Jaipur definitely pops up into everyone’s mind. The forts and palaces are mind-blowing and the luxury resorts like ITC offer a very royal stay for all their visitors which is a main part of luxury India tours. The luxury train called “Mahraj’s express” is the most sophisticated and royal train service in the world. The suite rooms offered inside the train are stunning and the food served onboard is truly amaing.

Nothing in the world shouts out ‘luxury’ more than a cruise. There are many cruise options available in luxury India tours sector such as the Mahabahu, cruise of Oberoi Vrinda and more. You can explore the seas of India in luxury.  If you are an adventurous person then you can go for adrenaline induced activitie such as Scuba diving. This sport is very famous in the Lakshadweep islands. If you are a party person, then your luxury trip plan should include Goa. This city is the party capital of the nation and has a lot of luxury clubs and resorts for you to spend your time. In down south, Coorg is well known for its picturesque landscapes. There is a beautiful luxury property called the orange county. Stays in this place can cost you a bunch of money, but the luxuries offered will be totally worth it.



India attracts a lot of tourists, but if we talk about hill station destination then North India is a hub for that. The major North Indian states are Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. So the North India travel guide revolves around these states of India. North India has various landforms consisting of mountain ranges like the Himalayas, Thar desert in Rajasthan and the very fertile Indo-Gangetic plains. The diversity in landforms is a source of diversity in flora and fauna as well.

The major attractions of North India travel guide are its historical monuments. Each of the city in North Indian states is associated with a beautiful history which is easily visible in the monuments present in those cities. The forts, temples, and mosques are totally inspired by history and are the best architectural designs in the world.

Let’s prepare a mini North India travel guide and see which places are worth visiting.

1)    Agra- Agra is most famous for Taj Mahal, the only monument in India which holds a place in the seven wonders of the world. The architecture is mesmerizing and the white marble can blow minds under the moonlight.

2)    Manali- A beautiful hill station on the foot of Himalayas and give you some of the best memories for a lifetime.

3)    Varanasi- Take a holy bath in the holy water of river Ganga and get the best spiritual experience.

4)    Ranthambore- enjoy the rich fauna and flora on a enjoy one of the best safaris.

5)    Jaipur- The beautiful pink city of India has many memories to offer. Explore the beautiful architecture and the royalty of the place.



In India, you can either go for short trips which last for only 4-5 days or can spend a whole vacation. The tour operators in India give out many options for short trips in India with packages starting with 19,999 INR. Some short trips in India that you can take are mentioned below.

  1. Alleppey

This place is popularly known as the ‘Venice of the East’ famous for its backwaters and canals. If you are planning on an escape from your daily life, this is the best place. A full day on a houseboat or a ride through the Vembanad lake in a banana boat will rejuvenate and refreshes you for a good start. This is voted as the most chosen package from a list of short trips in India.

Accommodation – 350-700 INR per night

Food- 250 per meal

Houseboats- starting from 6000 INR for 1 BHK

  1. Gokarna

Gokarna is a place near Mangalore good for a 3-day budget trip. You can visit the beaches and many water activities if you are into those can be arranged here. Ideal duration for the trip is 3 days and 2 nights.

Transport – INR 90 for train and buses starting from 800 INR

  1. Goa

Goa is the best place for budget trips in India. A 2 nights and 3 days trip in beaches and palm tree line small villages exploring the Portuguese architecture and forts is what Goa offers to you. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants for chilling out when you get bored of beaches.

Transport- Trains starting from 450 INR

Stay- 500 INR per night.


India is a country of diverse cultures and languages. There is a need for tour operators in India with experience and expertis. Indian Association of Tour Operators brings tourism agencies under one roof to connect the tourism sector with the Government of India. This helps in fast decision making and if any hurdles are faced by the industry they can apply for government aid. Following are some major tour operators in India.

Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra Holidays is a venture of Mahindra group which operates more than 50 resorts in India as well as overseas. Outside the United State, Club Mahindra is one of the largest tour operators. It was selected as ‘India’s Favorite Resort Chain’ in 2017 and 5-star rating has been awarded to Club Mahindra by Government of India.

Arha Holidays

Arha Holidays is a venture of professionals who have experience in working with Sterling Holidays, Thomas Cook and Club Mahindra. They have travel plans with great flexibility and customized trips with fun activities included.  They have a transparent working body where the customers are made aware of the price, exclusions and inclusions and prioritize customer preferences. They are not mere package sellers but travel planners who offer round the clock assistance.


MakeMyTrip is an online tour operator in India which provides holiday packages, international and domestic flight tickets, railway reservations and accommodation. Now the company owns over 30 franchise stores in about 28 cities. MakeMyTrip was awarded multiple times as ‘Best Travel Portal in India.


Tourism is one among the top industries to bring GDP to the country. Some tourism companies in India are mentioned here. They are operating under the Indian Association of Tour Operators. Following are some of the top tourism companies in India.

  1. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an online tourism company in India famous for its no cancellation charges and flexible itineraries. It was awarded ‘Best Travel Portal in India’ several times. They operate in more than 28 cities and can be relied on for railway tickets and accommodations.

  1. Club Mahindra

It is a venture of Mahindra with over 50 resorts all over India. They are one of the largest tour operators. They were selected as ‘India’s Favorite Resort Chain’ multiple times. They have a 5-star rating for their excellent service.

  1. Tourradar

Tourradar is an online tour operators focusing on group travels as well as other customized travels. They provide round the clock support for their customers for a pocket-friendly travel experience. Their packages are flexible and have adventure sports included in all the packages. You can also avail their services for corporate and family trips.

  1. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is one of the well-known tour operator from all over the world. They are a well-reputed company that is famous for the top-notch facilities provided by the company for its customers.

  1. Arha Holidays

Arha holidays a company started by experienced professionals from Club Mahindra and Thomas cook. They are well known for their professionalism and there are only positive reviews from their satisfied customers.



India is a huge country with people of all sorts in cultural as well as economic aspects. This nation has been attracting a lot of tourists for a very long time now and tourism has been contributing a lot to the total economic status of this country and tourism in India has also employed a large number of people.

The country being a mixture of various cultures and traditions attracts people from all over the world. Over the last two decades, tourism in India has widened its scope to a whole another level.

You can explore the beautiful mountains and snowy terrains of Himachal Pradesh, the backwaters of Kerala, mountain trains and tea gardens of Darjeeling, monasteries of Ladakh, sandy desserts and forts of Rajasthan, night life and beaches of Goa, Temples and river beds of Varanasi, exquisite lifestyle of the north-east and the tranquil of the south Indian fields and various cuisines throughout the nation. The historical monuments, temples and other buildings are true architectural marvels and they say a lot of stories about each and every time period in Indian history. From the mountainous terrains of Himalayas to the beautiful golden coasts of Kanyakumari, there are a lot of natural spectacles to witness in India. Tourism in India is incomplete without Indian food. Indian cuisine is extremely exquisite and has so many flavours involved. It is sought after by so many food enthusiasts around the world. Visiting India can give you an opportunity to taste some authentic delicacies of the country; Indians are known to be very warm, friendly and welcoming.



India is definitely a traveller’s paradise. The country is very versatile in geographical and cultural aspects and there are so many beautiful tourist attractions in India.

Being a peninsular country, India has a lot of beautiful beaches. Especially, the beaches of Goa, Kanyakumari and Pondicherry are very famous. Whereas, the backwater bodies of Kerala are known for their tranquillity.

There are so many heritage sites across the country. Starting from the golden temple in Amritsar to the Brahadheedshwara temple, there are numerous religious heritage sites that show the significance of Indian culture and serve as major tourist attractions in India.

The royal lineage of India has a lot of stories to tell and you can learn so many things about the kings and queens of India and their lifestyle through the palaces and forts of India. Each dynasty in India had a unique architectural style for it and the grandeur of these palaces are so overwhelming. The wildlife or fauna of India is also very interesting and this nation houses a number of rare species. Indian forests serve as the natural habitat for many wild animals. The mighty elephants and the royal tigers of Bengal are truly great assets to the fauna of the country. Many migratory birds visit India too. Such spots can be great for bird-watchers.

Tourists who travel to India should definitely take part in the celebrations of the festivals of this country. There are hundreds and hundreds of festivals that are celebrated throughout the country. Especially, Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, Onam, Durga Pooja, etc. These festivals serve as one of the major tourist attractions in India.


India is a country with lots of options for travel destinations. There are numerous tourist places in India. Irrespective of the type of traveller you are, you will definitely find something that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Starting from the north, we have Kashmir that has the most captivating landscapes. The snowy mountains will leave you breathless. It is truly a paradise gifted by nature and there are many tourist places in India.

If you are into trekking and biking, then Leh-Ladakh is your best option. There are so many trekking spots and destinations that are considered to be among the best trekking destinations in the world.

Delhi being the capital city of the country has a lot of stories to tell. The essence of the reign of Mughal kings still resonates in the walls of the ancient monuments of Delhi. You should indeed visit the marvellous Taj Mahal and get touched by its spirit.

 If you are into spirituality, Varanasi is one of the must-visit tourist places in India. Located on the banks of river Ganga, this city serves as the spiritual capital o the country. The temples and the lifestyle of  the bhabas who live on the river banks tell a lot of stories that will leave you amazed.

When you move down south you have Goa which is the party capital of the country. Hyderabad is known for its Nizams and delightful cuisine. The forts of Hyderabad are mighty as well. Nothing can match the tranquil of the backwaters of Kerala. Tamil Nadu has a lot of amazing tourist places from Mahabalipuram in Chennai to the beaches of  Kanyakumari.



India is considerably more than what it appears when looked closer. There are so many places to tour in India. It is considered as one of the most seasoned countries of the world. It offers a rich social legacy and integrity. In spite of the fact that it is unwieldy to give an exhaustive portrayal of this huge, complex, and brilliant land particularly with regards to India ventures, the country is definitely a must visit destination for anyone who is interested in exploring.

Be it any piece of India, North India visits, South India visits, including selective Rajasthan visits, enthralling Kerala visits, or destinations in India that influence the resonance of festival vibes throughout the year. India is, in fact, extraordinary in each and every sense and it is indeed a great experience to tour in India. The historical monuments, temples and other buildings are true architectural marvels and they say a lot of stories about each and every time period in Indian history.

 From the mountainous terrains of Himalayas to the beautiful golden coasts of Kanyakumari, there are a lot of natural spectacles to witness in India. Be it an adventurous mountain trek in Leh-Ladakh, honeymoon trips to exotic destinations of various locations in India, Houseboat tours in Kerala, heritage trips to various places in India which are of religious importance, tours in India based on wildlife such as safaris and visit to various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, a culinary tour to explore the various cuisines of the country, a venture to explore all the architectural marvels and much more tour options are available in the subcontinent of India.



Travelling has become a part of everyone’s life now. Whether it’s a day to day travel for a job or travel for a trip everyone is moving. Some people really enjoy it and some try to avoid it because of the expenses it costs. Travelling can be expensive, especially when you have to travel long distances. But traveling in India has its own advantages. India has so many modes of transport that it makes traveling so easy for everyone. The expenses in travel can be narrowed down and brought to a normal budget so easily.

Let’s discuss some of the means which can apparently help you travel across India without spending much of your money.

Indian railways: World’s largest and the most complicated railway system is available in India. considering the other modes of transport Indian railways are the cheapest of all. Also, the best part about traveling by rails is you get a chance to meet people from the different place while a travel across India. Traveling by Indian railways also gives you beautiful scenes like the fields on the outskirts of a tow, hills and plateaus and the very famous Nilgiri mountain of Ooty.

Hitchhiking: ever had a hitchhiking experience? Travel across India is incomplete without a hitchhiking experience. Taking lifts and traveling in tractors and trucks across Indian states and enjoying the desi Indian style food from the dhabas is a delightful experience. Moreover, this mode of transport is the cheapest you can expect.

Indian buses: Indian buses are also a wonderful means to explore India and travel across the cities, gives another level of experience.


India is a place that is known for different societies and conventions. It additionally has assorted variety on landforms, dialects, and religions. Be that as it may, aside from these distinctions, India is the most common nation on the planet. Every single individual offers regard to one another. Every religion is dealt with the equivalent, each language is similarly essential and each state has tallied a piece of India with equivalent significance.

Travel agents in India have a lot of scope in view of the expansion in the quantity of explorers who visit India consistently. These organizations help in dealing with everything that you requirement for an ideal visit. They help you in getting your visas cleared, they relegate and book stays and flights for you dependent on your financial plan and solace, furnish you with nearby transportation offices and everything. Travel agents in India furnish you with esteemed proposals to improve your outing even inside and out. Online based travel administrations like Trip guide,Yatra, Travel triangle, and so on are picking up prominence among voyagers nowadays and they make your excursion arranging extremely simple. They direct you through every single step of your outing arranging and execution and ensure everything is perfect. You can also find your personal travel agent in India in almost all the places. If you need to know better about any place it is always best to get local travel agent who knows the place really well has a lot of experience. They will also have a good hold on the local language and the people.


Travelling in group is a culture that prevailed in the early civilization. India is ranked 7th  largest most visited country in the world. Travelling in groups is an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and making new friends. Read on for more on travel groups in India.

  1. com

Tourradar is an online marketplace where you can plan your vacation for well crafted itineraries. Their travel plans focus on bringing people of different cultures and background together for sharing great experiences by exploring new places. They are available 24/7 and are determined to give the best for their customers as an organizer of travel groups in India.

  1. in

Wanderon community claims to have taken modern travel to the next level by providing packages which brings together like-minded people. They have customized trips, guided sightseeing, road trips, trekking trips, corporate and family trips. They also provide top-notch facilities and accommodation on your budget basis especially for travel groups. Their specially curated itineraries promise you a hassle-free and memorable experience.

  1. The Hosteller

The hosteller started with a mission of changing the traditional travel method to something new.  They are fast growing hubs for young tourists. The hostels are all over India which is aimed to make people meet new travelers and have the best of global and local hostel culture by travelling in groups around India. Excellent facilities and surprise trips are planned by Hostellers in low budget along with fun activities in hostels. They also celebrate festivals in India with other hostellers for developing a sense of unity and knowing the hostel culture.


Travelling has turned into a piece of everybody’s life now. Regardless of whether it’s an everyday trip for work or travel, for a trek everybody is moving. A few people truly appreciate it and some endeavour to maintain a strategic distance from it on account of the costs it costs. Travelling can be costly, particularly when you need to travel long separations. Be that as it may, travel in India has its very own favourable circumstances. India has such a large number of methods of transport that it makes travelling so easy for everybody. The costs in movement can be limited and conveyed to a typical spending plan so effectively.

Indian transports are likewise a great way to explore India and travel in India over the urban communities, gives another dimension of involvement. Considering alternate methods of transport Indian railroads are the least expensive of all. Additionally, the best part about going by rails is you motivate an opportunity to meet individuals from the better place crosswise over India. Going by Indian railroads additionally gives you lovely scenes like the fields on the edges of a tow, slopes and levels and the extremely celebrated Nilgiri hills. Travel in India is inadequate without hitchhiking. Taking lifts and going in tractors and trucks crosswise over Indian states and getting a charge out of the Indian style food from various restaurants is a magnificent ordeal. Additionally, this method of transport is the least expensive you can anticipate. Travelling across this nation can give you a beautiful experience.


Planning a visit to one of the largest and populated country in the planet can make you confused and stressed. This is where different travel packages to India from various tour operators come together for your help. Travel packages to India include flight tickets as well as electronic visa procedure fees for a hassle-free vacation. Here are some information on travel packages to India for you to have an idea to how to go about exploring India.

  1. Andaman

Soak in the beauty of this Island state in India with just 28,999 INR. The package includes 2 nights and 2 days where you visit Port Blair and Havelock Island. Andaman is also famous for activities like snorkeling and deep sea diving to enjoy the aquatic beauty of the place.

  1. Himachal

Packages to Himachal Pradesh start with 23,199 INR for 6 days and 5 nights. The culture and adventures waiting for you in the “The Land of Gods” are unique and breathtaking. There are trekking, camping and swimming included in the package.

  1. Kashmir

Kashmir getaway package starts from 19,999 INR for 4 days and 3 nights and can range upto 26,999 INR for 7 days. Gulmarg which is the highest golf course in the world is located here. Little Tibet and many other places along with lip-smacking delicacies can be enjoyed in your trip to Kashmir.

  1. Kerala

Known as “God’s own Country” and “Venice of the East” , this beautiful state never fails to attract visitors from all over the world. Starting from 24,999 INR for a minimum of 6 days and 5 nights can leave you amazed by the beauty and diversity of this small place in India.



India also a land of various cultures and traditions. It also has diversity on landforms, languages, and religions. But apart from these differences, India is the most secular country in the world. Each and every individual gives respect to each other. Each religion is treated the same, every language is equally important and each state has counted a part of India with equal importance.

Exploring different terrains in India is one of the great parts about India travel. Let’s have a brief look at some beautiful places in India, create a travelogue India and learn about the experiences they give.

Srinagar- Jammu & Kashmir: the first place in travelogue India is Srinagar. Srinagar is also known as the “paradise on earth”. Counted as the summer capital of India, the city is immensely famous for its scenic beauty. Srinagar lies on the banks of river Jhelum. Kashmiri handicraft and the dried fruits are the best in India, expensive but worth the money. Tourism is one of the things for which Kashmir is famous for. The Mughal Gardens, Dal Lake, Chashma Shahi, and Shankaracharya Temple are some of the most beautiful destinations to visit.

The next destination we are going to talk about is known as “God’s own country”. Any guesses? Yes, it is Kerala the state located in the southwestern part of India. The second place in travelogue India is taken by Kerala. The name Kerala is derived from the word Kera which means “coconut” and alam which means “land”. Hence the state is most famous for coconut. Each dish in Kerala has a touch of coconut flavor in them. The backwaters of Kerala is the specialty. Beautiful hill stations such as Wayanad and Munnar, famous beaches like Varkala beach adds more beauty to the place.


India is a land of a variety of cultures, various regions with their own beautiful culture and traditions. Indian culture and tradition is something which gives India its identity in the world. The food, architecture, and cities are the heart of India. The fact about India which is really intriguing is being a country with so many states and people with so many different languages, traditions, food and culture it still manages to be secular. The festive season is never over in India, throughout the year there will be something going on in the country. So if you want to explore the real India attend all the festivities and learn all the stories related to them. That is what the beauty of India all about.

Trip for India

Planning a trip for India can be tedious at times because it has so many states that people may sometimes get confused about which airport to land on. Trip for India can help you go through this problem easily. The company is now a leading travel assistant in the world. It’s a renowned brand in the tourism market. The main focus of the company is to make its customers happy through their services and commitments.

Trip for India helps you to arrange the travel starting from booking the flight tickets, accommodation and hotel booking, tour packages and the travel. It offers holiday packages including adventure tour, honeymoon tour packages, festival tours, safari, and short tours as well.

So if you are planning a trip to India anytime soon then you should definitely visit the official site once and make the trip count.



Not the only tourist from all over the world visits India, but also Indians are fond of traveling to different places. Often people plan trips to various countries and explore different cultures and traditions. Indians are very much interested in taking tours to different parts of the world and collect memories and souvenirs.

Travel agencies in India help to plan trips from India to various parts of the world. But let’s have a look at the most visited destinations from India.

1)    Bhutan: It is the neighboring country of India. A trip to Bhutan is perfect as a short budget trip.. The amazing part is that Indian tourist can even travel without a passport. One of the most affordable trips from India.

2)    Nepal: Nepal is an amazing place to visit on a trip from India, also a neighboring country to visit. A hub for the world’s ten tallest mountains and rich variety of flora and fauna is a treat to watch.

3)    Vietnam: Vietnam is one of the tourist attraction for Indians. The place has wonderful beaches and Buddhist pagodas. A perfect low-budget trip with fancy attractions.

4)    Sri Lanka- The rainforests and the landscape is a beauty. Neighbor to India and also an island is a beautiful place with a pleasant climate.

5)    Myanmar: Hot-air balloon rides and cultural history is the attraction for this place. The friendly atmosphere is overwhelming and gives you a variety of emotions and memories.

6)    Hong-Kong: The ultimate shopping destination and a fantasy land for Indian tourists. A perfect vacay destination for families.



India is a place where there is an assortment of societies, different locales with their very own wonderful culture and conventions. Indian culture and custom is something which gives India its personality on the planet. The nourishment, engineering, and urban areas are the core of India. The reality about India which is extremely charming is being a nation with such a large number of states and individuals with such a significant number of various dialects, customs, sustenance and culture regardless it figures out how to be main stream. In order to investigate genuine India, go to every one of the celebrations and get the essence of each and every one of the narratives identified with them. That is the thing that the excellence of trips in India is about.

Going on small trips in India can enable you to experience the little treasures hidden across the country. A trip in India encourages you to orchestrate the movement beginning from booking the flight tickets, settlement and inn booking, visit bundles and the movement. It offers occasion bundles including experience visit, wedding trip visit bundles, celebration visits, safari, and short visits too. Choosing to go on trips to places that suit your passion is a wise choice in this country because of its extremely versatile nature. Such trips need not involve a lot of cash essentially like many other countries around the world. India has got so much in it and has got something to offer for each and every traveller who is paying a visit.aa


The Indian subcontinent is truly one of a kind when it comes to diversity. It is definitely well known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse nature. The detail and richness in the culture make people from other countries awestruck and serves as the main reason why a great number of foreigners choose to visit India and get an essence of the heritage of the country. Below are listed a few of the reasons why you must visit India.



It is a geographically large country and has a lot of diverse terrains. Irrespective of your choices, you will definitely find something that would suit your tastes. The cultural aspects of India are very deep and fascinating. The historical monuments, temples and other buildings are true architectural marvels and they say a lot of stories about each and every time period in Indian history. From the mountainous terrains of Himalayas to the beautiful golden coasts of Kanyakumari, there are a lot of natural spectacles to witness in India. When you visit India, it is mandatory to check out the food. Indian cuisine is extremely exquisite and has so many flavours involved. It is sought after by so many food enthusiasts around the world. Visiting India can give you an opportunity to taste some authentic delicacies of the country; Indians are known to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. The wildlife of the forests of India is quite commendable the country houses rare species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger and many other animals and thus attracts many wild life enthusiasts.



India is known for being one of the most affordable places to visit in India. That being said, if you are ready to pay for more than $25 a day on a trip to India, you can enjoy some luxury in this country starting with a first class train journey to a variety of options to eat and budget hotels.

India is home to diverse cultures and not all of the country shares the same language. India is well known for its hospitality. Food is a major part of their culture. The food is usually spicy in India. Depending on the region it differs.

India can be divided for easiness of understanding the regions as north India, south India and north-east India. A trip to India will make you realize how diverse it is. There are more than 22 languages followed in India.

Places to visit on a trip to India are many. Travelers usually start from Agra where Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders in the world is located followed by visiting forts and tombs of great emperors in Agra as well as Delhi. Adventure enthusiasts can go for a Leh-Ladakh road trip which is considered one of the deadliest roads in the world. Travelers who are into skiing can visit places like Manali, shimla etc. Goa is another famous stop for adrenaline junkies where you can indulge in bungee jumping, surfing etc. There are many other places like Alappuzha, Anadaman and Nicobar Islands, Rajasthan, Thanjavur etc which is rich with heritage and culture. The country is also diverse in its geography consisting of beaches, mountains, backwaters, lakes, rivers and hill stations.

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