Choose the Best Place for Your Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon? Confused to choose which country to go? Not worry, I will give you the best choice to choose your honeymoon. When we think about honeymoon places, we get the countries list in our minds are –

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Switzerland
  • Mauritius
  • France
  • Maldives
  • Thailand

I hope you too had thought to choose one of the countries to go to your honeymoon but I know you are confused to go which country to make your honeymoon memorable one forever as all the countries are beautiful but which is the best out of these countries is the question arises here. That’s why I wrote this article to clear your doubts by mentioning its advantages and disadvantages, so why to wait, let’s checkout the below points :-


Bali (Indonesia) : This is a Buddhist country and have a very beautiful beaches that can make your honeymoon pleasurable. Its currency is very cheap like somewhat 1 USD  = 14190 IDR , So this will help you to stay in your budget but luxuriously. As every couple want to take beautiful pictures to make their honeymoon memorable one,  this country has beautiful beaches and temples, so undoubtedly, it will satisfy you with beautiful pictures at your honeymoon time.

France : France is a beautiful European country that will give you great picture for your honeymoon but you can’t enjoy yourself more as it will make you out of your budget as everything is costly here, specially it affects for Asians as Asian countries currencies are lower compare to European countries. In fact, if you spend more money also you can’t get that much facilities and luxurious services that you get in Asian countries. The couple who already visited Asian countries can give a try to France for fresh and new experience.

Switzerland : This is one of the beautiful, cool, central European country. If you like to visit cold country then Switzerland is the first country to pick in your list for your honeymoon plan. Here, you can travel in budget but not than Asian countries. You get mountains and lakes here to visit. From Asian countries flights cost are also in a reasonable rates.

Mauritius : This is a Hindu, Christian and Islamic mixed religion country but 50% of the population here is Hinduism. It’s a beautiful coral reef island  and beautiful beaches that gives you superb pictures. It’s great for honeymoon as you can freely go inside beaches with bikini’s and you can get alcohol for drink without any restriction, why I’m telling you this here, because alcohol and bikini’s are not allowed everywhere in Maldives country. Also, you can be in your budget here.

Maldives : This is a Islamic coral island country. It’s very expensive compared to all Asian countries as this country put lot of tax on tourists itself as they don’t have any other source of income. Alcohol here is banned for local people, only foreigners can drink alcohol that also available in some private resorts and floating bars. Wearing bikini’s here are not allowed in all beaches except in bikini beach. Food is also very expensive, it costs you $15 to $20 for lunch for 2 people, if you order decently. Beaches here are so beautiful so no doubt you will get a great pictures for your honeymoon trip. Other than beaches and water sports nothing is here , I prefer not to choose this country as your honeymoon destination at all because just few days before I went here for my honeymoon itself.


Thailand : Thailand is Buddhist country and its currency is also lower like 1 USD = 30.44 Baht. Here food is great, you will love it. People are very kind and helpful, superb nightlife you will get here. Awesome beaches with luxurious hotels in a reasonable prices are available here. Not only beach you will get lots of beautiful temples , water falls and you can do water sports and you can drink alcohol without any restrictions here. This is the best for your honeymoon.

I provides advantages and disadvantages of these countries so now it’s you turn to choose which one to go for your honeymoon but my best choices for you people are  the first is Thailand the next Bali and the last but not the least Mauritius.

Happy Honeymoon ! Enjoy your Life !

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