Cheapest Flights From India to African Countries

Travelling from India to African countries has been increased to a remarkable extent, in recent years. For which, credit goes to the government policies and the various airlines, who have initiated Cheapest flights from India to African countries. Though the traveling time is quite high, most of the airlines have arranged the route of flights with 1 or 2 stops in between. Some of the airlines are also providing direct flights to African countries’ different destinations.

If you are planning to travel from India to African countries and searching for the cheapest flights, you can get so many options to choose from. Few of them are listed here, however, it is always advisable to check the fare for the tickets and timing to avoid any kind of complications at the last minute. You can get the services provided by the 3rd party also, such as Cleartrip, yatra, MakeMyTrip, etc. They can offer you the cheapest flights available, under the best packages available with them.


For example, with Cleartrip you can get the option to fly in ₹16,362, from Mumbai to Johannesburg through

  • Air Seychelles that takes 10 hours 50 minutes. You can view, upto date information on
  • South African Airways that takes 15 hours 50 minutes. Check the details of departure, arrival time and other information on
  • Ethiopian Airlines that takes 11 hours 05 minutes. Kindly visit for more details.
  • Kenya Airways that takes 21 hours 25 minutes. For exact time and airfare, you can visit

Just that the time of the travel differs from one airline to another. You can check the deals available for the cheapest flights on Cleartrip, by visiting

You can also take the services available through Make My Trip, by visiting and choosing the best option available for the cheapest flights to African countries.

  1. Through Kenya airlines, you will be charged ₹16,441 for the travel to Johannesburg with 1 stop in between the journey of 11 hours.
  2. Through Ethiopian Airlines, you will be charged ₹19,741 for traveling from Mumbai to Johannesburg in the cheapest flights with 1 stop during the travel of 11 hours 10 minutes. Other options are also available.

These are the one-way airfares, that you can avail to get the cheapest flights available for traveling to Africa. However, you can also use the round trip options, in case you have planned to visit there and come back within specified days. You can get the exact information on the website of the airlines, as the airfare keeps on changing every day sometimes.

  • Air Seychelles offers the trip for 16 days from Mumbai to Johannesburg and back to Mumbai. The charges are ₹24,712 for the travel time 10 hours 30 minutes to Johannesburg and 10 hours 55 minutes to travel back to Mumbai.
  • Rwand Air is charging ₹29,629 for the same route that includes the time of journey to Johannesburg as 15 hours and 14 hours 50 minutes to reach back to Mumbai. You can check the status of the flight and other details, by visiting
  • Kenya Airways is offering the cheapest flights to Johannesburg in ₹30,405 for 36 days trip. The estimated time of traveling from Mumbai in India is 11 hours and from Johannesburg is 24 hours approximately.
  • Emirates has been offering 16 days package for ₹34,416 that takes 13 hours 55 minutes to reach Johannesburg in Africa and 12 hours 10 minutes to travel back to Mumbai. Visit for more information on the charges and time of the cheapest flights available.
  • Etihad Airways offers the cheapest flights in ₹36,615 for 13 days trip. The journey from Mumbai is 33 hours 10 minutes and 27 hours 20 minutes from Johannesburg. You can also get the details about the airfare and flight timing, by visiting

From various cities in India to African countries, you can travel with different airlines depending upon the availability of the cheapest flights provision and your preference of the country.


Like, you can travel from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Cape Town, Hamad International Airport with 1 stop journey through Qatar Airways for ₹28,296. For more information about the flight details, you can check

Through various packages, you can get the option of traveling from IGI Airport Delhi, India to Johannesburg in ₹23,512. To Cape Town for the airfare of ₹31,315. To Durban at the fare of ₹32,832.

You can choose from the cheapest flights that departs from

  •  New Delhi to Welkom with the airfare of ₹37,974 and reaches in 16 hours 50 minutes.
  •  New Delhi to Cape Town in 14 hours 15 minutes for the charges of ₹28,294.
  •  New Delhi to Durban, that takes 16 hours 25 minutes for the fare of ₹36,249.
  •  New Delhi to Johannesburg cheapest flights available at the price of ₹23,478 that reaches the destination in 13   hours 25 minutes.
  •  New Delhi to Port Elizabeth takes 17 hours 35 minutes for the airfare of ₹40,706.
  •  New Delhi to George reaches the destination in 18 hours at the charges of ₹49,832.
  •  New Delhi to East London takes 17 hours 15 minutes traveling time, for which you need to pay ₹37,472.
  •  New Delhi to Kimberly’s fare is ₹37,159 and the time taken is approximately 16 hours.

For booking the cheapest flights from any city in India to African countries, it is advisable to book in advance. There are different factors that can influence the market for airfare, such as festival time, weekend duration, vacation season etc. Variations in the airfares are calculated by the distance covered and the stops in between the journey. Different airlines offer different services and discounts, that you can choose from. Selection of the airlines completely depends on the basis of your choice to the destination, time gap between the booking and the travel, availability of the tickets and your experience or the reviews and research.


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