Charms of Cowboy Party in Thailand

Cowboy party is a traditional event organized worldwide. This festival is also held in Thailand. The real charm of this part lies in its classical outlook. Here we will tell you, how cowboy party is enjoyed in Thailand in a traditional way.

The surprising fact about participants is that every participant adopts the outlook of the cowboy. Female participants never use the local dress even, they prefer to look like an ideal cowgirl. Same case for the children as well. Generally saying, you’ll see a hundred of the cowboys and cowgirls at the same time all around.




The cowboy party includes the following small events to amuse the audience in different semi-formal ways.

  1. Musical concert
  2. Exhibition and Stalls
  3. Dining
  4. Sports & Games

Musical concert:

Cowboy party is merely a dream without music. It is the most charming event of this occasion. What is the charm? The charm lies in the classical music. People enjoy the folk music while sitting on the chairs taking the minor sips of the vines.

Exhibition and Stalls:

Far behind the concert hall, there held an exhibition with a variety of stalls. These stalls offer a vast deal of goods. Most of them include the cowboy hats, Long boots, artificial horse lashes etc.


Other stalls offer traditional dishes of the time. People enjoy taking classical food as well. Choice of female participants is also regarded, by adding the cosmetics and the beauty stalls. Children also find the things of their own taste from this broad exhibition.


Dining is also offered in the cowboy part in the open space. Round tables with few chairs around give an outlook of simplicity. People gasp and enjoy the dinner while sitting in front of the concert. It seems everybody likes to free his soul from the mind shaking schedule of routine assignments.

Sports and Games:

Little cowboy children also take a plenty of time to amuse themselves from this cultural event. They like to play with artificial lashes and horse riding.

The overall we see that cowboy party in Thailand is celebrated with unique classic style. It is a common place for men, women, and children as well. It is comprised of multiple events so as to retain the charm and beauty of the festival. The new generation learns the idea of a hard working life of old Cowboys. Artificial life often gives artificial happiness. The trend of the huge community towards the cowboy party indicates that everybody likes to live a natural life.