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Travelling can be very advantageous and pleasurable. It is not just an entertainment element. Travelling can help us to broaden our knowledge and horizons, helps to boost confidence, gain a lot of real-life experience, provides peace and tranquillity, improves inter-personal skills and communication, and helps to create awesome memories.

During travelling, sometimes long road trips can get monotonous especially when you are travelling alone. Therefore you need to have some sort of entertainment element to pass time, like books, music or your trustee electronic cigarette.


When you have the habit of smoking it is hard to quit easily, electronic cigarettes can be the best alternative solution for this and they do not cause issues to other people while you are travelling.

Let us take a look at the top electronic cigarettes available in the market.


Blu disposables belong to UK’s Big tobacco company. It is ranked at the top among all the electronic cigarettes available in the recent market. It is known to have extremely good vapour production capacity and the battery will last for longer periods of time.

There are five different flavours available in the market right now. They are regular, cherry vanilla, mint glacier, bold tobacco and menthol. The price of this cigarette is $10 and is known widely for its sustained performance.



This one is extremely expensive and finds its place in the premium electronic smoking devices. Even though there are many cheaper counterparts available in the market that provide almost the same performance, these surely have the edge and standard which is exclusive. The optimized and regulated mod that makes sure that the performance of the cigarette does not decrease with a decrease in battery percentage is really smart and adds on to the advantages. There are many interesting features including a temperature adjusting feature that helps in making the vapour production consistent and independent of the outside temperature. This one is priced at $200.


 V2 is considered one of those electronic cigarettes that are close to conventional ones to look and use. It is best for people who are struggling to get rid of the smoking habit. The starter kit offered by V2 consists of cartridges that can be reused and refilled. The battery life of this one is comparatively more than the other cheaper counterparts. There are a variety of flavours to match everyone’s taste. It also offers customizing options in the tanks that make it best for people who are into vaping for a long time. This travel-friendly cigarette is priced at $30.


The V3 version of the tugboat is definitely on the pricier side yet remains one of the best sellers in the market. The copper connections that are used in this one help in improving conductivity and thus improve battery durability.

It gives a great amount of vapour for a greater period of time and is very travel-friendly. The physical construct of this cigarette is very appealing. There is a firing button present on the side that functions very well. The spring produced is very good in quality and quantity. The price of this cigarette is $170.


The drip box is known to have all the performance features as that of a top-notch, pricier model at a modest price. It has an inbuilt RDA and has temperature adjusting capabilities. The smart power optimization provides more performance and durability. At a price of $60, you can get all the features as that of a top end cigarette.


The Mig Cig Basic gives everybody the alternative for traditional cigarettes that they feel great and not very different while smoking. during the starting stage, you are responsible for the loops, the measure of vapour, the flavour, nicotine quality, and other factors. This puts predominance on these cigarettes over others. Mig Cig is known to give absolute control and great performance.

Strong tastes are the most important requirement and as it burns with good quality, it upgrades the quality of the flavours and tastes that are breathed in. The battery is very durable, enabling the users to utilize it for a considerable period of time. This cigarette is travel-friendly and is priced at $ 30.


Nothing can go wrong when it comes to Halo G6, which offers maximum esteem for vapers. Due to its straightforward cigarette like structure, this one is very easy to utilize, very convenient, simple answer for all your vaping issues and complaints.

The Halo G6 is priced at  $35 and consists of two batteries, five cartridges, and a charger. There are  Eleven unique flavours are right now accessible, with nicotine levels of 24 mg/ml. The filled cartridges cost $ 10 per pack. Halo also offers XL cartridges that can hold up to 1.5 ml of the liquid. As the liquid runs out, the main thing you have to do is change the cartridge and you will be good to go. Vapour production is very sustained, steady and dependable, and it has a great battery despite its small size.


This one is designed and styled like a pen and has a vapouriser for various oils and liquids. The working is very simple in this device. The tank has to be filled and connected to the power and you will be good to go. It provides draw activation and has a sleek design.

The USB charging facility is very advantageous as it enables rapid charging and there are no unwanted button controls which add on to it. This travel-friendly e-cigarette is priced at $15.


This brand is considered the best in the field. The convenience of this device makes it very advantageous over the other cigarettes and it also provides great performance as a travel-friendly cigarette. The flavours are of great quality and have a rich touch to them. It is compact and convenient for carrying with you on the go. This one is priced at $ 50

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