Can We Get Indian Restaurants in Bangkok?

If you are craving for a good meal of Indian curries and cuisines while you are in the city of Bangkok, need not worry to find the restaurants, Bangkok is indeed very famous for the best Indian restaurants at prime locations. This article will definitely be a big help to the Indian people if they are on a vacation in Bangkok. Taste, style and service everything is easily available but not at the cheapest prices.  For the question, can we get Indian restaurants in Bangkok? So the answer is yes, you will get many Indian restaurants in Bangkok.

 Below you can get some of the best Indian restaurants information:-


Indus, Maya and Rang Mahal: Best Restaurants

Primarily known for serving a wide range of Mughlai cuisine from the Northern India, Indus Restaurant on the 71 Sukhumvit in Phrom Phong is a great boon for the Indian food lovers. Jalfrazi vegetarian curry is its speciality with a strong recommendation of tandoori meat dishes. With apparent level of spices, the quality of food is absolutely superb. The grilled platter is very famous over here which consists of the best kebabs and costs 1,100 baht. The vegetarian menu includes mushroom tikka, panner tikka and creamy broccoli. Overall the experience one will go through here is commendable. The second one which is ranked one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok is the Maya located on the 29th floor of Holiday Inn Sukhumvit in Phrom Phong. Luckily the food over here is just as good as the view with dhal curry being the best Indian cuisine. The dhal is ultimately designed with tomatoes and swirl butter on the top.

The Maya also specialised in cashew nut lady finger which is as delicious as ever. The dining lounge is decorated as a paradise on Earth and so as the Indian food served in a unique style. One more restaurant which has topped the list of best Indian restaurants in Bangkok for years is the Rang Mahal located on Sukhumvit Soi 18. It is particularly famous for its unique Indian curries with over 15 varieties and all of them dressed with a wide range of spices and unique serving style. Not known as the cheapest, but it is believed to be the best Indian cuisine stopover destination in Bangkok. The people here really appreciate the rich butter chicken and different curries over here.

Bawarachi, Kebab factory and Gaggan Restaurants: Equally Competitive

Probably the most successful Indian restaurants in Bangkok, Bawarachi is located on the B level of the Intercontinental Hotel with a tremendous Indian taste and mouth – watering dishes. Onion Bhaajis and large Samosas are very popular even among the locals and are greatly admired by all. Indian origin tikka and fish dishes are simply superb and awe-inspiring. The night band plays Indian music only which is a complimentary offer together with the Indian food. The great Kebab Factory located in Sukhumvit, Nana is the best answer to the question as to can we get Indian restaurants in Bangkok. Authentic biryanis and ultimate Indian desserts are in great demand over here. With over six options in the bracket of Indian tandoor this place is worth eating and enjoying the Indian culture and cuisine. The uniqueness lies in the variety of kebab which are counted as over 460 different varieties all of which are finger licking dishes.

The Gaggan restaurant located in Chidlom is also very famous for the Indian food and drinks especially desserts. The menu is set by good chefs and the dishes price starts from 2,500 bahts. Not very famous for the Indian curries, yet the Indian food served over here will blow your mind thinking as if you are in India only. So next time when you think can we find Indian restaurants in Bangkok, the answer is a big Yes.

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