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Bored of Beaches then Visit Cruise Casinos in Goa

Hi Travelers, are you in plan to visit to Goa? But bored to do the same things like to visit beaches and play water sports and all. Don’t worry, I will help you to do something different and interesting when you visit Goa this time.

I think, many people know about casinos but never visited the real casinos then Goa is the right choice to take a change over and visit cruise casinos and believe me you will love it. So let you people know which are the best casinos to visit in Goa :-


Deltin Royale Casino : It is one of the royal casinos as the name suggests. Here, there is an entry fees of 3000 Inr for regular stag package, 2000 Inr for regular ladies package, 4000 Inr for premium stag package, 3000 Inr for regular ladies package, 8000 Inr for VIP stag package, 4000 Inr for VIP ladies package, 1000 Inr for teen package (Age 18- 21 years), 1000 Inr for kids package ( Age 5-17 years) and also zero fees for infant package ( up to 5 years). All packages includes unlimited food and drinks except infant package( only non alcoholic drinks and food).

Big Daddy Casino : It is one of the new casinos in Goa which has been started recently and its attracting many young people to enter their casinos. Here, regular stag package starts from 2500 Inr, premium package for 4500 Inr, VIP package for 7000 Inr, couple package for 5000 Inr, couple premium package for 7000 Inr , Youth package for 1500 Inr , kids package for 1000 Inr . All Packages includes unlimited Drinks and food.

Casino pride 2 : Its one of the cheapest casinos you find in Goa. As the rates are cheaper its quality is also cheap only. But people who are on budget can go to this casino. Here, you get package of 1500 Inr only.

Deltin Jaqk Casino : This is one of the oldest casinos in Goa. It offers packages like Premium Stag Package for 4500 Inr , premium ladies package for 3000 Inr , Premium Couple Package for 7000 Inr , VIP Stag Package for 6000 Inr , VIP Ladies Package for 3500 Inr , VIP Couple Package for 9000 Inr , Teens Package for 1500 Inr. All packages includes unlimited drinks and food.

These all casinos are on Mandovi river in Panji, Goa.


Note: When you visit these casinos please play responsibly, keep a fixed budget like 5k or 10k and if you win some money then just stop playing and if you lose it also stop playing don’t play more as when you win if you play more then also you will lose and if you lose and play more to get win then also you will lose more money, so just play for some short fixed amount and do fun there and return back. Gambling is very addictive so never get addict for this. Have great and fun day in Goa. Cheers !

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