Migrating from one country to another can be an overwhelming process and can be tedious. Technology comes in handy to deal with this as it shrinks the whole world into our hands and helps get to our destinations.

Mobile phones are inevitable as far as technology is concerned. It is important to have a solid and functional mobile phone while exploring another country. One need not always rely on expensive smartphones that are available in the market while travelling. There are many Smartphones available in the Indian market which can do the job and yet will not be too hard on your pockets. Let us take a look at the top mobile phones best suited for foreigners who are travelling to India.



The Redmi note5 (PRO) of Xiamoi is the best phone available under 15 grand in India. We know that xiaomi is well known for its budget phones with really great performance comparable to phones of higher price ranges. It has a dual camera and a big 5.99-inch display like the flagship phones available in the market. The camera is capable of fairly good images provided there are proper lighting conditions. This phone is a good option for brief usage by travellers.

It weighs about 181g. The RAM capacity is 4 GB and the internal storage is 64 GB which is extendable up to 256 GB. This model is available in four colour variants and costs about INR 12,940.


This phone by Nokia is pretty compact and basic but still has good functionality. The GO version of Oreo avoids the usage of unwanted resources and helps in the smooth functioning of the device. The display is pretty small with a 4.5 inches screen. The device has 1 GB RAM and an inbuilt storage capacity of 8 GB that can be extended to 128 GB.


This phone has all the standard functionalities that are inevitable for an Android mobile device and is best suited for you if you are looking for a temporary Smartphone with the basic functions. This device is priced at INR 4000.


This Smartphone by Infinix was launched recently and has been gaining a lot of attention ever since. It is extremely low priced for the number of features it offers. This device has a 5.45 inches display, 2 GB RAM, a Quad-core CPU and an inbuilt storage capacity of 128 GB. It also offers a fingerprint scanner to protect the device which is not usually found in such low budget phones. The camera is also known for capturing pretty neat images in good light.


This phone is manufactured by Lava and is available for INR 4949 which is very cheap and you can go for this phone to use temporarily on your trip to India. The phone features so many cool techs like face detection feature and High Dynamic Ranging which will allow you to capture good images.


The Redmi 6 Pro really has all the specifications that justify the term “pro”. This phone stands out from the standard and infamous under 10,000 category phones of the brand. It works on a Snapdragon 625 processor and 4 GB RAM. A 3 GB RAM variant is also available. The device weighs about 178 g and has a 5.84-inch screen. The dual camera with appreciable quality and HD display adds on to the advantages for it to be chosen by travellers who look for a phone to just use throughout their trip which also falls into quite a budget. The Redmi 6 pro retails for INR 8999.


Honor 9n is known for its stunning design. It is possibly the cheapest smartphone you can buy with such a classy built and a notch. This phone has a 5.84 inches screen that features full HD and also has an octa-core processor.

The device weighs about 152g, 4 GB RAM and an inbuilt memory capacity of 32 GB. 64 and 128 GB variants are also available to suit your preferences. If you are looking for a temporary option on a budget but still do not want to compromise with the looks, then honor 9N is your click. This phone is priced at INR 9,899.


Moto is well known for producing trustee phones with a solid performance. The max vision display which is the trademark feature of the colab company Lenovo has incorporated into this phone. It features a 5.7-inch screen and a decently functional camera. The battery capacity is quite remarkable and the steady performance offered by this phone is something you can count on. The endurance is good and the physique is sturdy and durable so that you can have to worry about dropping your phone or damaging it on the go. This device retails for around INR 8,900.


This budget phone by Asus also falls under the category of sturdy performance and no unwanted or fancy add-ons. It has a 5.45 inches screen with HD plus display. a fingerprint scanner is also available for primary security purpose. The performance is of decent speed because of the octa-core processor. The camera also offers good functionality with high Dynamic Ranging option and completely HD video features. The cost of the phone is around INR 7,499.


This phone is noted for its huge 6.2-inch display feature that is usually seen in the expensive flagship mobile phones of the day. The look of the phone is really chic and the features are also pretty good for the pricing. With 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory capability, this phone ticks all the basic boxes that are expected out of a smartphone that would quite serve the purpose. The unibody design, the normal notch along with the big display, the look of the phone is quite more than what you would expect from a mobile phone of such low pricing. The cost is about INR 8300.

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