Bangla Walking Street Phuket

Bangla Walking Street, Phuket (Walking Street Phuket) is one of the most famous nightlife outing places among tourist from all over the world. The street is located in Patong, which is on the west coast of Phuket. Walking street Phuket is very well-known across the world, especially in European provinces. The street is famous for glitzy nightlife. Walking street Phuket is the most happening and enjoyable place in the entire Patong province. The place offers services to people of all ages. Hence you can either go with your family or with friends.

How to land into this lively world?


Phuket has an international airport so you catch a direct flight.  Another option is to fly to Malaysia and from there; waterways are also available for the traveling purpose. Once you land into Phuket you can travel to Walking Street Phuket by road or by boat ferries. There are many private car rental services. You can rent your favorite car and enjoy the short road trip. There are many places which you can visit on the way to the Walking Street Phuket. These places include several attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, water sports (scuba diving, boating etc.), and resorts.

What to do and not to do, when you go with family?

Some might suggest avoiding the place as it more known for notorious activities and environment. There are certain things which allow you to go there with family.

There are series of beaches where you can go with the family. You can enjoy water sports, nice massages, sunbathing, swimming in the water and much more. There are kid’s pools and play parks along the seashores. You can even hire a local tour guide. He will help you in everything. He will help you to avoid notorious places, also to choose places suitable for family. Plus it is always better to have someone with local knowledge when you are with the family.

There are several street food stalls and even few good restaurants. You can get various types of delicacies. Yes, there is limited scope for pure vegetarian people but there a whole lot of food for non-vegetarian people. You can try out different fishes, kebabs, Chinese and Malaysian dishes. If you are ready to spend a little extra then there are some premium hotels which serve great food from all across the globe. Plus not to forget so decent clubs where you can go with your family and enjoy dancing. There are some places which host band performances. Such places are the point of attractions for family outings on the Walking Street Phuket.


Walking Street Phuket for couples, bachelor, and friends groups

Here things can get little spicy. No family, no restrictions, friends with whom you can go all crazy and enjoy your level best. There is a lot of scope for fun when you visit the Walking Street Phuket after sunset. The place has vivid colors and it adds unique experiences to the visitors’ lives. There are beer bars, discos, nightclubs, restaurants, live music, food stalls and scope of the one-night stand(s). The roads are closed for traffic so whole 400 meters width is free for activities. The Walking Street Phuket can be summed up in four words cheap alcohol, loud music, neon lights and tasty street food.

Here are few places which you should visit. Almost all the places are open fronted. You can hear a loud mix or jam of music coming from all the nearby shops, discos, bars and restaurants. You can spot many street performers plus vendors which make you spend your time and money on them.

1. Shopping malls: Jungceylon Shopping Center, Seduction complex, Bangla Mall, and Patong resort three places where you can buy souvenirs and some other things. Our advice is to for street shopping if you are looking for economic things. Do not buy expensive things at streets or even in shopping malls. There are very fewer chances of getting authentic and good things over there.

2. Night Clubs and Disco: Tiger Disco, Illuzion, Lion Livemusic, Hollywood Disco, Exotica, Seduction nightclub, and White room nightclub are some of the prominent names. You get all types of booze and platforms to dance. You can dance as much as you can. They also serve good quality food which goes well with the booze they serve. There are many Sois (means street in local language) joining to the Bangla Walking Street Phuket. Each and every Soi has at least one or two famous nightclubs. You can wander a little on the streets and choose the best disco of the night. Every nightclub offers various discounts and free items. You can get a lot for free if you make correct choices.

3. Beer bars and Pubs: Aussie bar, Freedom bar, Sin City Bar, Mickey Mouse, and Two brothers are some of the very popular names. The bars are little different than Disco and Night Clubs. Here you can get to watch live games or even play snooker, pool. In recent years many Go Go Bars have opened. Bars here are better than bars in other locations in the province.

Things to take remember for safety:

  1. Never go alone and get drunk. You might get robbed.
  2. Take care of your belongings as there have been pickpocketing issues in the past.
  3. Never go to dark allies with touts or showgirls.
  4. Never buy expensive things on street.
  5. If you are going with family then avoid places like paradise complex and ping pong shows.
  6. Do not indulge in illegal activities like drugs or weed.


The Walking Street Phuket is something you should see with your own eyes at least once in a lifetime. It has the dazzling nightlife. Exciting places like shopping malls, street vendors, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and clean beaches. The Walking Street Phuket has well-developed infrastructure and good administrative hold. The place welcomes everyone and has its own charm. When you visit Phuket, you must definitely visit the Walking Street Phuket.