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Leh-Ladakh is definitely one of the most sought after travel destinations, especially for road trips. People who love adventures, biking and trekking should not miss out on this wonderful place. There a lot of places and things that one should witness in Ladakh. It will be ideal if you plan at least a seven-day trip in order to efficiently cover everything and get the essence of this paradise.

If you are planning on a trip from Bengaluru to Leh, the following would be the expense range.



On an average, any flight from Bengaluru to Leh will cost somewhere around INR 10,000 to INR 13,500 based on the availabilities. During high demand, the prices can go up to 15,000 as well. You can also choose to take a train to Delhi which will only cost you less than INR 4000 for a decent AC ticket but will take about two days.


Food expense is totally flexible and varies with respect to the individual. In general, you can account in a sum of INR 1000 for a day which adds to INR 7000 for a seven-day trip.



When it comes to accommodation in Leh-Ladakh, you have a wide array to choose from. Homestays at INR 500 per night to hotels at INR 2000 per night and more are also available. So a sum of about INR 1200 would be a median number. For six nights it would be INR 7200


To ship a bike from Bengaluru to Leh it will cost around INR 7000. If you do not like that option, you can choose to rent a bike in Ladakh. Rental shops provide bikes for INR 1000 to INR 2000 for a day.

The fuel expense for the entire trip will be around INR 15,000 on an average it might vary slightly depending upon the routes you choose.


If you are interested in activities like trekking, ice skating etc, you need to put aside at least INR 5000 to get the gear and the tickets for those activities.


If you are not ready to spend the big bucks on this trips you can get in contact with travel planners who provide various packages starting from INR 20,000 for the entire trip. But you will not be able to feel the true purpose of travelling to such a location. My personal opinion is that you rather plan a proper biking trip or a private road trip in an SUV than going for such package tours. But it is still an option.

On the whole, an average sum including all the expenses would be somewhere around INR 45,000 if you are planning for a proper seven day trip to Leh-Ladakh.

You can moderate the amount of even choose to spend more. There is always room for more possibilities and choices. Even though you will have to spend such sums on the trip, it will undoubtedly be totally worth it.

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