American Restaurants in Thailand

There are many American restaurants in Thailand. Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King, Hungry Jacks, pizza joints and more such fast food places can be easily found in Thailand. We here have tried to list out the top American restaurants in Thailand for you.

Smokin Pug American BBQ


This restaurant is located in Surawong Si Phraya in Bangkok. It lies just next to the Hotel Tawana.

The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from evening 5 pm to 11 pm. It is a small place with excellent food. The menu has a good variety to choose from and service is also excellent. The place is usually full so better get your table reserved in advance.

The Starters here start from 165 THB and the main course starts from 275 THB. The beer here starts from 125 THB.

Susie Wong’s Beers and Buns

This restaurant is located on Khaosan Road in Bangkok. The buns here are very tasty and this is open from morning so breakfast is available as well. The place gives a menu with seven options to choose from that cost 160 THB each. They also have a vegan option. The service is very friendly. This place gives good food at reasonable price.


The District Grill Room and Bar

This is also one of the most favourite American restaurants in Thailand, is located inside the Marriot Hotel in the Sukhumvit Soi 57 in Bangkok. The place has a big glass behind which there is a fire stove where the grilling happens and you can see it happening right in front of you. The place gives steaks, chops, and sides of the best quality and they even serve seafood. Their Sunday brunch is also very famous.

The place is slightly on the higher side and for each person, you will end up spending about 2800 THB just for food at least.

Benny’s American Bar & Grill

This restaurant is located in the Thalang area of Phuket. The place has some great food with lovely ambiance and beautiful garden area. The atmosphere is a bit romantic and hence the place is especially recommended for the couples. The place is open from 6 pm to midnight from Tuesday to Sundays. The staff and service are very good.

The starters here start from starts from 130THB and main course dishes start from 350THB.

New York Burger Co.

One of the best American restaurants in Thailand lies in the Ban Kata area in Phuket. The place is relatively new being about a year old and is very clean. The place is small with just six to seven tables. The burgers are fresh, delicious and very reasonable.  The staff is very friendly and try to accommodate your choice. The dishes are priced in between 71 THB and 247 THB.

Burger House Kata Beach

This place lies on the famous Kata Beach of Phuket. The seating here is outdoor and staff is very friendly. The place has decent double decker burgers with soft buns and beef. The price of the dishes here is in between 71 THB AND 212 THB.

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