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Nana Plaza lady bars or simply Nana plaza is situated Bangkok, Thailand in Soi 4 Sukhumvit, 20 Meters from the Nana Hotel, and 300 Meters to the BTS Sky train, Nana Station. ‘Nana’ the name was derived and obtained from the Nana kin who was well eminent of all the other members of that family which had large possessions of the wealth in the vicinity and till to date has a big influence to Thailand and mainly attracts primarily tourists in the country.

Nana plaza is of a U-shape type of building that roughly looks square-shaped, that has one accessible on the westward side as the main entrance into the plaza. It is composed of a lower floor and other two floors positioned in a circular manner around a garden. Initially, it began as an eating establishment and a place for the exchange of goods and services center. That was in the year 1970s. On the early 1980s, some go-to-go bars emerged and slowly replaced the shopping centers and hotels that had established in that area.


It’s a three level building of attractive and eye catching activities all centered around a square shaped central hall that is of ancient roman home origin, open to the sky in the middle. Nana plaza is mainly for adults based on the activities that take place there as compared to the well-known Soi Cowboy or even Patpong. Therefore, only a few people visit the area mainly the curious one, not even markets exist within that area. Nana plaza is mainly popular for its exotic visual experience thus become more attractive to those in a sexy mood.

Nana Plaza lady bars is the biggest intimacy intricate in the world. Some of the bars situated within the 3 floors of Nana Plaza have recently changed their names due to changes in ownership. Their names are as follows as per the floor where they are situated as at May 2017:

  1. Top floor – we have Erotica, Billboard, Enter, Charades and Butterflies.
  2. Middle floor – we have Straps, Casanova, Rainbow 3, Chili, Spanky’s, Diamonds Bangkok Angelwitch, Sexy Night, DC-10Rainbow 5, Twister Bar (formerly Rainbow 4), Balcony Bar Temptations, Mandarin, Mercury and Mandarin Upstairs
  3. Ground floor – we have Garden Beer Nana, New Lollipop, Bunnies, Rainbow 2, Obsession, Bus Sports (outside bar), Easy Lick, Rainbow, and finally Short Time.

The best way to know if you have reached Nana Plaza lady bars is when you manage to spot a queue of street merchant’s cartridges getting ready an array of orlay and incredible bites. These comprises of green spicy papaya well known as ‘som tum’, charcoal-grilled brownish chicken equally recognized as ‘kai tod’ and also fried insects, among other odd varieties of delicacies which are the common food taken by the bar girls who mostly thunderstorm from the northeastern province of Thailand.

The open-air beer bars are so many to choose and all are found on the ground floor. G-Spot Bar, Cassanova Bar and Temptation Bar are most popular for ladyboys shows. Angel Witch Bar situated on the left side from the entrance.

Nana partners Co Ltd and Eclipse Group are the owners of  Nana Plaza lady bars from the year 2012. With the rumors flipping peoples ears it is said to have been sold for $25,000,000 the land having been inherited by the seven sisters who had nothing to do with a red light area.


Short time hotels are operated on the middle and top floor of the plaza, they rented out rooms for an hour or even more to patrons who wanted to take a bar girl for sex.


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