Rimnam buffet restautant

Rimnam Hat Yai Buffet Restaurant

The Rimnam is a very well-known Restaurant located in Hat Yai, located in Thailand. Mostly, it is very crowded and finding a table is very hard, as they have an “eat how much you can” buffet for just 200 baht. The Rimnam in Hat Yai advertises with their unlimited variance and selection of food. You can grab some plates and then walk around the food tables and take whatever you like. At the Rimnam in Hat Yai, you can choose between Chicken, Seafood, and Salad in fried, raw or cooked form. You can even roast your food by your own at your table. After your first course, you can take an unlimited amount of other delicious food variances until you are completely full because remember: Everything you eat will be just charged 200 bahts in the Rimnam Restaurant in Hat Yai. After eating the main dishes, you can choose between a delicate plate of fruits, sweets, and

After eating the main dishes, you can choose between a delicate plate of fruits, sweets, and ice-creams. As you can eat how much you want to, this restaurant is always full and you can just hardly find a free table. It is located directly on the main street and it has a lot of parking places infront of the restaurant, so, therefore, you can always find a parking spot, especially when you have a motorcycle.  The Rimnam in Hat Yai is on a terrace and so you can watch other people walking by and the cars driving on the roads. When you turn around you can have a look at a beautiful river passing near the restaurant. This is a perfect difference to the main street with the traffic, if you do love the nature more. You can walk down there to the river after eating in the Rimnam Hat Yai.

This restaurant is always crowded as it is so cheap, but at the same time it is worth waiting a little bit for a chair or a table itself, as the food is fresh, tasty and you can prepare it by your own on your table with the cooking pan, as you want to have it done. In the evening, the Rimnam Hat Yai turns into a cozy spot, as it has a lot of small orange lights on the terrace and so it looks really inviting. Above the restaurant is their sign or logo, which blinks in blue, red, green and purple. All in all, after watching this video, everyone should be convinced that the Rimnam Hat Yai is the perfect restaurant for someone who wants to eat a lot and not pay that much for it.  It is located directly on the main road and so it is easy to get there. This restaurant invites you to relax, eat as much food as you can, have a great time with friends or family, meet other people, and don’t pay a fortune for it (just 200 bahts). So go to the Rimnam Hat Yai in Thailand and enjoy it!


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