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The Pleasure: Nana Bangkok

Nana Bangkok (Nana Plaza) is the place, where all the Fantasies and imaginations of any one can be turned into reality. When we think of an exclusive and exciting holiday, the first thing comes to mind is the enjoyment and pleasure in return for the money we are ready to spend. In the world of competition and complexity, if we can spend something for our own self is the ‘me time’.

Nana Plaza is also known as Nana Entertainment Plaza NEP, which is a three-storey building and it has been claimed that it is the largest sex complex of the world. The red light District of Bangkok is located near the Nana hotel and Nana station. The whole concept of the emergence has been taken from the Nana family, who owns a huge range of property in Thailand and have the influence of the power they have with the kind of business they are into.

There are other such places along with Nana Bangkok, like ‘Soi Cowboy’  and ‘Patpong’.  But this exotic place attracts the tourists maximum. U shaped building with a single opening on the west side, greets the visitors with a mass of glowing neon signs yelling from all the directions. That is the only scary thing, that prepares the visitors to enjoy the roller coaster ride in the world of sexual entertainment. After which, starts the journey to the world of Fantasies and adventures that becomes realistic within no time of entering the Plaza.

This sex hub was started as a restaurant in 1970’s and then slowly some go – go bars appeared in place of restaurants and shops. Somewhere in 2012, it was sold to Nana Partners Company limited. The partnership that included the Eclipse Group, one of the Thailand’s largest bar and night club operators. The whole deal was rumoured to be finalized for $25,000,000  on the land which was earlier inherited by 7 sisters who were not interested in owning the red light area.

There is a huge list of bars and hotels that are running in Nana Bangkok, on each of the floors. Like:- New Lollipop, Bangkok Bunnies, Rainbow 2 &  3, Easy Luck, Sexy Night, Casanova, Temptations, Butterflies, Erotica, Diamonds Bangkok, Billboard and many more. Any one who is interested in the services provided by them can visit the place. Hotels are available for a short time on an hourly basis or more, as per the charges and the time you want to stay there.

Visitors can take the rooms available for the sex by taking the bar girls with them. They just need to pay for the girls and the bar fine which is a sort of commission charged by the bars for the security of both. The clients are secured from the threat of cheating and robbery from the Sex workers, and the bar girls have safe payments and no life threat. So you can avail the best services from them without any problems. There are many other ways to get the relaxation of body and rejuvenation through sexual massage or other large entertainment venues.

From some facts calculated in 2014, the total sex workers in the Nana Bangkok was 123,530. In 2015, $6.4 billion dollars was the annual revenue generated from this place. The above figures are approximately 10% of Thailand’s total GDP. In addition to bar girls who serves as sex workers, there is a huge community of ladyboys who are extremely feminine transgenders. People are free to talk to anyone of them, as per the choice, prices and mood of the visitors.

Sex workers who are actively seeking attention and business from the visitors are engaged in tempting and dazzling shows which are going on in almost all the bars. There is a rain of enthusiasm falling down from the bar girls attractive and seductive costumes. The moment you enter into the yelling heaven of desires, you will be dragged by the staff with the naughty smile on their faces.

In Nana Bangkok, you can also get the view of Russian bar girls who own a very big role in the market for sex services. After Vietnam War, Thailand was known as the Sex Tourism Destination. But then, in last few years the government of Thailand tried to abolish the highest earning trade. Don’t worry, it is not illegal in Thailand. It is the place for the complete enjoyment and pleasure, where you can find the satisfaction, relief from stressful life, fulfilling the requirements of mind and body which will help you to work well after coming back from the most wanting holiday.

There are some solicitation and public nuisance laws in effect, which doesn’t stop the visitors to enjoy the best available time and the desired choice of partners for them. Just take cash in your wallet, as the charges of the prostitute differs depending on the appearance, time and the services demanded by the client. Fines payable to the bars are fixed, but prices of the bar girls are negotiable so credit card doesn’t work with the Sex workers. The girls are not so educated but the language they speak is understandable by the customer.

There are numbers with all the bar girls, the client just need to tell the number of the girl he likes to go with, to the waitress and the waitress arranges the same girl for him. Though the bars are open from 8 pm to 2 am in Nana Bangkok, however if someone is looking for a very good girl in low prices then he needs to wait for the off peak hours. Or he can also contact the bar girl after the bar is closed timings which can save the bar fine too.

Being a visitor to Nana Bangkok, is like availing the life time opportunity to meet with the most desirable, passionate and unique experiences of one’s life. The unthinkable dream that comes true in a night, creating an unforgettable memory for anyone who is interested in living life to the fullest with craziness and wildness of the desires, that has never been recognized before. So, what are you waiting for??


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